Create a form on Monday project management tool

How to create a form on project management tool

Discover how simple it is to create a form on your project management board with this extensive guide. This will help you optimize data collection and collaboration within your organization.

About is a complete project management solution that assists teams in optimizing their processes, collaborating efficiently, and effectively handling intricate projects.

This cloud-based platform is simplifying work by providing practical tools and apps for managing tasks. Initially, began as a team collaboration tool. However, it has developed into versatile software for managing customer relations, project management, human resources, software development, and other business operations., the project management tool

It positions itself as a work operating system (Work OS) that allows you to design workflows using pre-made templates or customizing your own.

Monday offers a variety of features to support a wide range of activities, such as managing projects and tasks, outlining roadmaps, monitoring campaigns, and more.

You can create a form in your Monday boards. The ability to embed Formaloo’s forms in monday allows for streamlined data collection, improved collaboration, increased efficiency, better tracking, finer insights, and better communication. 

With the help of Formaloo, teams can automate data collection, reduce the need for manual data entry, gather input from team members, track progress, make data-driven decisions, and communicate with clients, customers, and external stakeholders.

Formaloo and The perfect mix for efficient workflows and improved collaboration

Formaloo is a form and app builder that allows users to create and manage forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls. It can be used for various purposes, such as data collection, customer feedback, event registration, etc. 

Formaloo allows you to create custom forms and apps using a drag-and-drop editor and offers a variety of advanced features such as conditional logic, email notifications, and integrations with other tools. 

create formaloo forms on monday project management dashbord by embedding it on your Monday board

You can embed Formaloo in different tools and websites, such as monday.

Creating a form with Formaloo saves you time and money as it is an easy-to-use tool offering a wide range of free features.

You can either build a formaloo from scratch or pick one of our templates to edit and customize. 

Read more about How to create your web app with no code using Formaloo.

Create your form on monday project management: The complete guide to embedding forms

Following this guide, embedding Formaloo forms into your Monday dashboards will be a breeze.

Whether you need to gather employee information, solicit customer feedback, or register attendees for workshops, this integration will allow you to centralize your data in one place without wasting time.

Step1: Open your monday board

Login to your monday workspace and access the projects or the boards where you want to embed a form.

To create a new monday accountsign up and get started.

Step2: Copy your form’s URL

In your Formaloo dashboard, right-click your formaloo and choose View. Then copy the form’s URL. 

You can also copy it while saving your custom formaloo. 

If you have no Formaloo account yet, Sign up for free and build your first formaloo! Start with a form template from the hundreds of ready-to-customize form templates.

Step3: Add the embed widget on your monday board

  • In the Files Gallery view, click on the “+Add Widget” button. 
  • Select “More Widgets” on the drop-down menu.
  • From the Media category, select “Embed everything“. A search field is also an option.

Step4: Create your form in your monday board by embedding it

You can click “Add a site” and paste your formaloo’s URL in the embed widget.

It is possible to edit the size and name of your widget to make it more visible and efficient.

Project management, task tracking, and data collection: create a form on your Monday board today!

Embedding Formaloo within monday can be beneficial for many reasons.

One key advantage is the ability to streamline workflows and processes by having all the necessary tools in one central location.

That eliminates the need to switch between multiple platforms, saving time and increasing efficiency. Besides, embedding Formaloo within monday allows for data to be seamlessly shared and integrated between them, which can help to improve collaboration and decision-making.

Furthermore, having all tools in one place can also make tracking and managing projects easier and gaining insights into performance and productivity.

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