Create forms on Wix

How to create forms on your Wix website

Advanced forms and quizzes help you engage your customers and generate leads for your business. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to create forms on your Wix website and make your website interactive.

About Wix website builder delivers a cloud-based platform for building websites without needing to code. In addition, it offers a range of templates and tools to customize websites, such as drag-and-drop, graphic design, and e-commerce tools. 

It provides users with hosting and domain services, making it an all-in-one solution for building, managing, and hosting websites. Wix editor is widely used for personal, business, and e-commerce websites and is known for its ease of use and low cost.

Wix the website builder where to embed advanced forms.

The App Market feature on allows users to enhance the functionality of their website by integrating with a variety of third-party apps and tools. These apps cover various categories, such as social media, online payments, and more. 

With the App Market, users can expand the abilities of their website, increasing its overall value and user engagement. This feature is constantly growing, with new apps and tools added regularly, providing users with an expanding set of options for customizing and improving their websites.

You can also incorporate custom HTML code to add fields and features, such as advanced forms from Formaloo.

Enhance your user engagement with custom advanced forms on

By embedding forms, website owners can gather valuable information from visitors, such as contact details, feedback, and survey responses. You can use this data to improve the website, build relationships with your visitors, and drive business growth.

You can also collect payment information through forms, making it easier to sell products or services online. Additionally, it can help increase user engagement by offering interactive elements, such as quizzes or contests.

Yet, embedding forms in Wix pages and blog posts offers a simple and effective way to gather information, improve website performance, and enhance user engagement.

Build advanced forms with calculation, Logic, and payment with no code

Using Formaloo will help you create customized advanced forms with no coding skills required. 

Formaloo is a web-based app and form builder. It is a user-friendly yet highly customizable platform. 

Create forms using a simple drag-and-drop tool, add Logic, and include payment methods in no time.

create custom learning management system for your school unique requirements with no code using Formaloo

Formaloo offers a versatile solution for creating forms, surveys, custom CRMs, and portals with exhaustive options, such as a login/sign-up option. In addition, it provides quickly editable templates to fit your specific needs and branding.

Learn more about adding login and sign up to your no-code app.

Embedding Formaloo on your website helps gather information, organize workflows, and visualize data in one place. You can build advanced quizzes that respond to your users based on their replies. For example, use a product suggestion quiz template to build a quiz asking the user for their specific preferences. Then respond with customized and relevant product suggestions they can order and pay for right away!

Also, you can use advanced Logic and calculations to build a path to purchase survey that gives you valuable insights into your customers’ shopping journey.

Check our accessible Apps & Forms templates, and start building today. 

Embedding advanced forms on Wix site: A step-by-step guide

In today’s digital age, having an engaging and interactive website is crucial for businesses and individuals.

Embedding forms in your Wix pages and blog posts help gather valuable information, improve user engagement, and drive growth.

This guide will walk you through the process of adding advanced forms to your Wix website using the power of Formaloo.

1- Create your advanced form

Start building your form in your dashboard. You can start from scratch or use one of the editable form templates.

Use Logic to manage the data your user sees based on their responses. Logic also helps you calculate scores and prices to create engaging quizzes, surveys, and order forms.

Also, you can set up notification emails to automatically get notified when someone submits your forms.

Furthermore, you can use answer piping and the Variable field to build advanced calculations and create forms and apps that automatically calculate a value and show the results.

The first step is to open the page or post where you need to embed your form. Then, go to the editor to start adding fields.

2- Copy your formaloo’s code

From your Formaloo dashboard, click the three dots in the bottom right corner of your form. Next, go to “View Code & Widgets” and choose “Script.” Finally, copy the code to embed the form on your web page.

Create your custom advanced forms on Formaloo and copy the code to embed.

You can copy a link to your form or embed it using its script or iframe tags. Also, you can show a chatbot view of your form to drive more engagement on your Wix website. Chatbot forms display your form’s question individually, each after the user has answered the previous question. Mix chatbots with Logic to show relevant responses based on the user’s answers on your form.

3- Create forms on your Wix website

Add a custom HTML block on your Wix page with a simple copy/paste action.

From the left side of your editor, click on the “+Add” button. Then, scroll down to add an “HTML code” field.

In the pop-up window, paste the code you copied from your formaloo and save.

Create forms on your Wix website

Pro-tip: Publish your page and get your users’ form submissions.

Bring it all together: Create advanced forms on your Wix webpages

Bringing Formaloo and Wix together allows users to easily create and embed advanced forms. Such as surveys and quizzes.

By combining the user-friendly interface of Wix with the advanced form capabilities of Formaloo, website owners can enhance the engagement of their audience and gather valuable information through interactive forms. In addition, this integration improves website performance and user experience, as forms play a crucial role in capturing leads and gaining insights into customer behavior.

Wondering how you can start? Check our Youtube channel for tips & tricks.

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