marketing team builds one-to-one customer relationships

How this marketing team builds one-to-one customer relationships using Formaloo’s custom CRM App

Formaloo is the connective tissue that allows them effectively move and use information. Read this case study to see how one-to-one customer relationships were made possible using Formaloo.

It felt like having all the info you required to make critical decisions. We could finally be more agile, all because of the fully customizable tools on Formaloo’s Customer Relationship Management app.

Headquarters: New Orleans, LA

Industry: Consumer products

The Company

As a food delivery startup, they deliver clean, delicious, and convenient food to your doorstep. Customers can choose between a different number of weekly meals – all with a specified amount of protein, veggies, and a generous side item. They can also choose between various protein options, for vegans and pescatarians too! All the food is made with organic ingredients.

They have a mission to deliver simple, healthy food choices for everyone with fresh ingredients. They provide dishes that are made using seasonal ingredients. This way, their menu is always evolving, giving you the variety and options you desire in your meal plan.

The Challenge

They deliver more than just offering “ready-in-minutes” meals. Their approach is 100% customer-centric. They speak directly to customers and understand what they want to eat.

The main problem was, the marketing team had to leverage three sources of data to make retention marketing work:

Customers’ tickets showed valuable insights into the trends, traits, and expectations of customers. Therefore, the marketing team tracked them and by putting them into a spreadsheet tried to understand how the market was changing.

To handle orders, they tracked everything on their Shopify website. So the marketing team tracked the order charts on Shopify.

They received feedback on every order. Using a spreadsheet, they saved and analyzed this data. But they had to put the orders and order feedback beside each other, to develop a better understanding of the ongoing business. They connected order information with feedback information to make an understanding of each customer’s preferences and develop marketing strategies that suited those.

They needed a system to connect their data in these three sources, so they could understand their customers’ orders, their feedback, and tickets faster and more efficiently. They needed to break down each source of data and create a single source of truth that could be leveraged to get insights about customers.

The Solution

Using Formaloo, they built a strong app that included their 3 sources of data: customers’ tickets, orders, and feedback.

Connect Shopify orders to your Customer RelationShip Management app

They used the feedback collection app to receive feedback on each order. Formaloo also helped them connect their Shopify orders to their customer relation Management app on Formaloo. Therefore, every order information was collected along with that order’s feedback info. Also, the info on all tickets was collected there.

All in all, their marketing team had every data they required in one place. Formaloo also empowered them with no-code tools to customize every step of the process. They can add any additional info to customers, or even update the feedback questions anytime. So they could develop their marketing strategy based on the analyzed and consolidated information on their Customer Relationship Management app on Formaloo.

“We could finally see what’s happening in our business and what needs to improve. And to improve the process, the only thing we had to do was customize the Customer Relationship Management app in a few clicks!”

The Results

The Customer Relationship Management App on Formaloo helped them bring every info under one roof and understand customers effectively. With Formaloo, they could focus on customers in a single app. They had every tool to collaborate directly with their community and create a personalized customer experience.

They use Formaloo to track data from a single place, move quickly, and keep a laser-like focus on building individual customer relationships. Or, as David put it, “Formaloo is giving power to the customer actions that we use to differentiate.

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