The best solution to create an online order form with no code

The best solution to create an online order form with no code

Looking to create order forms to sell your products? Then look no further! You can easily create your online custom order form with Formaloo. So, are you ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

If you need an online order form for your business, Formaloo is the perfect solution. With its drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates, creating efficient order forms has never been easier.

How to create an online order form with payment?

There are two ways to create an online form:

A- You can use the online order form templates in the sales category and edit the fields, or

B- Customize your order form and create your online form.

Here we will show you how to create fillable online forms step by step.

1. Customize your order form

Click on “Edit,” add your title and description for your order form, now add a “Single Choice” field to add as many options to categorize your products if needed, then add as many products you have by the “Product” field on the “Edit” button. Set the quantity and the price, and add the image and an “ID” property for each product.

You can also choose the currency for your product from the “Calculator” button.

For example, in the IELTS Exam form in templates, you have two categories for your products:

  • General Exam
  • Academic Exam

And your products are different books. In the Logic step, we will explain how to connect our products to these two categories.

online order form

2. Create a payment method for your form

To create a payment method, click on the Setting tab and activate the “Payment” button. Now you will need to create a payment method by clicking on the profile icon on the top of your dashboard and clicking on Payment method. On this page, you can add your preferred payment, Stripe, Paypal, and Square, which formaloo supports.

How to connect your payment method to your formaloo

How to create an estimate form

With Formaloo, you have many options to collect payments online. Set a fixed amount or calculate the total payment amount using Advanced logic on your forms. Learn more.

3. Connect your payment method to your online order form

To connect your payment method to your form, go back to the Setting tab and activate the “Form with payment” button. You can also add a fixed amount to your payment.

4. Customize your order form more by highlighting features

For further options, click on the Design to set the color and background if you want to change. 

Now add a “Variable” field to have the total price. Write the formula for the “Default value,” which is the submission of chosen products. Then add a “Section” field to complete the process and add the “ID” of your variable field like the example in the section field:

Total payable price: €{{total_payment}}

how do i create an online order form

In the end, to build custom forms, you can add the Email address, Name, Phone or any other fields you need from your customers on your form.

5- Add Logic to your form

To connect products to your categories, Click on logic, go to Advanced logic, and now click on the form you’d like to add logic to.

You can learn more about the logic here. This video also can help you to make it easier.

In our previous example, the online IELTS exam form, we can write the logic as you see in the picture:

If you choose your IELTS package option 1, show Cambridge books and IELTS Official books as products. For the second category, do the same process with related products.


With Formaloo’s online order form creator and customizable templates, creating a professional and efficient order form has never been simpler. Get started today and streamline your ordering process with Formaloo, the best online form builder.

These tools don’t have to cost money. You can make your free online order form quickly and make changes anytime. 

If you have any questions, check out Formaloo’s support page to find ways you can contact us.

Also, you can check out these videos on formaloo’s youtube channel.

How to create an online order form

How to Create an Online Order Form with Payment

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