How to measure customer satisfaction feedback to grow your business

Customer satisfaction, or CSAT, is a customer experience metric that measures happiness with a product or service. Therefore, collecting and measuring customer satisfaction feedback helps you exceed customer expectations, drive experience improvement, and reduce customer churn. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can collect and measure customer satisfaction feedback to grow your business.

How to collect customer satisfaction feedback

In a typical customer satisfaction survey, you’ll ask the user to rate “how likely they are to recommend your business to friends, coworkers, or family members. Participants are asked to respond using a 0 to 10 scale. Then they are given an open-ended question to follow up, such as “Please explain your answer” or “What can we do to improve?”.

The following video takes you through the steps to creating a customer satisfaction feedback survey.

1. Customize the CSAT feedback question

A typical CSAT survey is a two-part form. It first asks how satisfied the user is. Users are asked to rate their answers with a 1-5 rating scale.

The first question, “How satisfied were you with us?” can be customized based on your requirements to suit your situation.

We’ll later use the responses to this field to measure the CSAT result. In order to do so, divide all the positive responses by the total number of responses and multiply by 100. This results in your CSAT percentage.

Simply go to Forms Dashboard and customise your questions after using templates or creating a survey from scratch.

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Improve customer satisfaction with feedback survey

2. Customize the open-ended feedback question

For the second part of your CSAT feedback form, ask an open-ended question to give the opportunity to the user to describe thoughts and feedback. In other words, this question is an open comment form, where customers can explain why they chose the rating in their own words.

Since customers aren’t prompted with answer options, they are free to share the defining factor that influenced the score.

This question, “Tell us a bit more about why you chose this.” can be customized to suit your situation.

Simply go to Forms Dashboard and customise your questions after using templates or creating a survey from scratch.

3. Add optional additional questions

Although you always should keep your surveys short and to the point, you can add optional questions to your survey for collecting more information and deeper insights.

In your form editor choose your field type from the left pane and add it to your survey.

Here, you can customize the question of each field. You can choose different field types such as Text, CSAT, Score, Star, Number, etc.

Collecting more information helps you get more insights from your users, but keep in mind asking too many questions will decrease the number of feedback you collect in the end.

Add optional questions in your CSAT
Choose your icon for CSAT rating

Choose from the various CSAT rating scales

In some cases, a 5-star or Smileys rating scale may make more sense for your survey than a numerical scale.

You might need Graphic scales that are intuitive and language-agnostic and can make your survey more fun to take.

Just be sure to adjust the initial survey question to make sense of the scale.


Customer satisfaction feedback survey is the leading indicator of growth. It’s the standard for understanding how customers feel about your customer service (CS). Therefore, CSAT scores are a great indicator of customer loyalty and brand advocacy, both of which affect your sales.

In this article, we went through a few simple steps to collect and measure customer satisfaction feedback to grow your business using Formaloo.

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