How to build apps with Formaloo no-code app builder

Webinar: How to build apps with Formaloo no-code app builder

This webinar aims to explain the details of building an app without any code easily using the Formaloo no-code app builder.

How Much To Make A Mobile App?

This handy app cost calculator will help you: Find out how much your app will cost in under a minute!

What are the differences between CDP, CRM, DMP?

Modern marketing relies on data. Marketers strive to send the right message at the right time to the right segment of customers. Customer Data Platform (CDP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Data Management Platform (DMP) are powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal.

How can you build customer loyalty on Shopify website

Customer loyalty is the most essential ingredient of any growing business. Customer loyalty can be a significant game-changer for any growing e-commerce business. By increasing customer retention by 5%, you can increase your profits by 25% to 95%. Also, your current customers spend up to 67% more than new customers.

How a SaaS startup enables customers to succeed

Industry: SaaS

Location: New York

Growing SaaS startups use Formaloo to decrease churn rates and increase customers’ lifetime value. The SaaS startup in this case study is an email and messenger marketing platform based in New York. Read on to see how this SaaS startup enables customers to succeed.

How a fashion e-commerce boosts their revenue

Industry: Retail

Location: Paris, France

E-commerce businesses use Formaloo to get striking results in their revenue. The fashion e-commerce in this case study is based in Paris, France, and was founded in June 2018 to offer trendy yet sustainable fashion products to consumers. Read on to see how this fashion e-commerce boosts its revenue.

sales tips and tricks
Collect customers’ data on the Shopify storefront page

For every up-and-running business, it’s vital to collect customers’ data and analyze it according to the requirements and needs of the business. Read on to see how to collect customers’ data on your Shopify storefront page.

gamification of business
How to add gamification to your Shopify business

You may have heard about businesses that have succeeded in getting fabulous results using gamification strategy in their business. In this article, you will learn how to easily add gamification to your Shopify business.

customer data
The secret behind e-commerce businesses’ growth

In addition to goodwill and idea, customer satisfaction is always at the centre of nowadays growth of e-commerce businesses. But could you ensure the satisfaction that leads to loyalty and long-term satisfied customer relationships? 

Less is more! How to benefit from your customers’ data

The main problem nowadays is that the amount of data we gain or that is created – and that’s the same in every sector – is enormously huge. The customer data you have collected in your business should provide you with some knowledge that helps you to make better decisions.

Shopify: 4 Tips to create a form with high conversion rates

Forms are the most powerful gateway for businesses to collect data. And the most important data for businesses is customers’ data. But if your form doesn’t check some important criteria, people will not necessarily fill it out. Read on to learn more about how you can build a form with high conversion rates.

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