Shopify: 4 Tips to create a form with high conversion rates

Forms are the most powerful gateway for businesses to collect data. And the most important data for businesses is customers’ data. But if your form doesn’t check some important criteria, people will not necessarily fill it out. Read on to learn more about how you can build a form with high conversion rates.

To help you build the right forms on your Shopify website, we have created a thorough guide that covers the most crucial standards to build forms with high conversion rates and collect important data through your forms.

1. Make your form easy to fill out

To build a form with high conversion rates, the most important consideration must be the fields you want to use there. There are multiple criteria you should consider about your fields. Let’s review these criteria:

1.1. How many fields should be there in your form?

Having too many fields in your form leads to fewer submissions. Review the data you need from your customers and decide which ones are vital for your next actions. There’s no exact optimum number of fields; it changes from form to form. But here is a rule of thumb: If you won’t directly benefit from the collected data on that field, you’d better remove it from your form.

learn more about how to collect customers’ data on Shopify.

Also, make sure you don’t have too many required fields. Give freedom to your customer to fill the fields they believe are ok sharing. It’s also perfect if you label your optional fields. Breaking fields into multiple pages also improves the user experience. Formaloo has easy-to-use form templates to help you build forms with the right amount of fields in order to have a form with high conversion rates.

1.2. What data should you collect from your customers?

Today web users are used to giving out personal info online. But in the first interaction, they prefer not to share certain kinds of information. Therefore, when you want to attract leads to fill out your form, you should be cautious about what data you are asking for.

Some fields have proven to be more sensitive. Research has found that asking for a phone number, age, and geographical address causes a huge reduction in forms’ conversion rate.

1.3. What field types should you use on your form?

Don’t be picky about the field types and formats. The only important field type might be the email address. You need your form builder to verify the correct format of email addresses.

If collecting phone numbers is important to your business, I’d suggest using a number field type rather than a phone number field type. Also making it optional is a great practice.

Studies have shown that using CAPTCHA fields results in fewer form submissions. So let’s forget about them.

2. Build authority

Building a form with high conversion rates is built by delivering authority to your users and customers. You should ensure your customers that the info they will share is safe with you. Check out the following criteria to learn more about bringing authority to your forms:

2.1. Make the value proposition of the form clear

Don’t lose focus on the reason you are using a form. Your customers want to know what value they will achieve by filling out the form. So make it absolutely clear for them. Watch this webinar created by Invesp to understand how to increase conversions with your value proposition.

2.2. Explain what happens next

It’s great to include very simple and understandable sentences in your form to explain what’s going to happen to the user after filling out the form. For example, check out the privacy statement in the image below. This simple, trustworthy statement about their email marketing campaign will improve the conversion rate.

make Form With High Conversion Rates by including trustworthy statements

2.3. Include your privacy policy to remove all doubts

Add a link to your Privacy Policy at the bottom of your form and make sure it’s visible and understandable. This ensures some users who are hesitant to share their data that their data is safe.

2.4. Compliancy with information privacy law

It’s very important for every business to be compliant with the available legal framework on how to obtain, use and store data of their audience and customers.

If part of your customers is Californian residents, make sure you are CCPA-Compliant. If you have customers in Europe, make sure your website is GDPR-Compliant. Make sure you are aware of the legal data protection laws that apply to your customers and be compliant with them.

3. A form with high conversion rates builds good experience

It’s important to make sure your form is positioned in the right place on your website. Make your form visible by bringing it to the top of your landing page.

Use the right form layout and bring photos and colours so your form stands out. Make sure the page that includes your form is responsive for different screens, especially for mobile phones.

Talk your customers through the process of filling out the form. Make sure the text in your form is straightforward and easy to read. It’s also advised to land your customers on the right page after submitting the form. Make sure the success message is in the right place and is visible.

Check our use cases to learn more about how to build forms for various purposes and how to embed them on your website.

4. Encourage your customers with the right CTA

The right Call To Action brings a higher conversion rate for your form. Form CTAs are usually placed in the form of a button. We use form CTAs to pursue customers to fill out and submit the form.

Read this article about how can you build customer loyalty on Shopify website.

To have strong, powerful, and persuasive CTAs, make sure your CTA button has the right colour, its text is a command that inspires action, and it is clear and understandable.


Final Thoughts on building your Shopify form with high conversion rates. Remember, there is no perfect form. Following the mentioned steps, you will build forms that encourage your customers to fill them out.

You can easily build smart forms with Formaloo for free. Formaloo also gives you insights into your audience who fill out your forms. Using Formaloo you can collect impactful data from your customers. Formaloo analyzes your collected data to bring you more revenue.

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