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How to collect NPS feedback using Formaloo?

Net Promoter Score or NPS feedback is a valuable customer feedback metric. It indicates how customers feel about product releases, tweaks in design or function, and changes in customer service. Therefore, collecting NPS feedback gives you actionable insights that can improve product quality and customer loyalty.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can collect NPS feedback to grow your business.

How to collect NPS feedback

In a typical NPS survey, you’ll ask the user to rate “how likely they are to recommend your business to friends, coworkers, or family members. Participants are asked to respond using a 0 to 10 scale. Then they are given an open-ended question to follow up, such as “Please explain your answer” or “What can we do to improve?”.

The following video takes you through the steps to creating an NPS feedback survey.

1. Open the forms dashboard

To go to the forms dashboard simply go to Form Builder Dashboard.

2. Create your NPS survey

You can either create an NPS survey using the ready-to-use templates or start from scratch. You can choose to build a single-step, multi-step, or widget survey. The difference is how your survey looks when a user opens it. To view the templates, go to this page or click on “Templates” at the right menu in your forms dashboard. You can search through templates to find the right one for your purpose.

3. Add the NPS feedback survey to your website

Add the NPS feedback survey to your website

To embed the created survey in your website, just get to the dashboard, click on the menu beside your survey, and then select “View Code & Widgets”. There you can copy the survey’s code and paste it into a “code block” on your website. That’s it!


NPS Feedback survey is the leading indicator of growth. It measures the number of advocates your brand has—not the number of happy customers. In other words, an NPS survey can offer you valuable insight into how customers feel about your product and what they wish was better.

In this article, we went through a few simple steps to collect NPS feedback to grow your business using Formaloo.

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