Watch the SaaS vs SaaS 2.0: The Next Digital Revolution

This webinar aims to explain the “success factor” of every Software as a Service startup. Also, you’ll see how you can become a SaaS 2.0 company. If you’re an entrepreneur, marketing expert, or work in the SaaS industry, this webinar is for you!


Farokh Shahabi, Co-founder and CEO at Formaloo. Speaks at the SaaS vs SaaS 2.0 Webinar.
Farokh Shahabi

What’s changing in the SaaS industry? what is no-code? How can it transform the future of work? This webinar explains how no-code is ushering in a brand new economy by creating companies, communities, education systems, and jobs built entirely on or around no-code software and the non-technical business user.

This webinar includes: 

  • The definition, perspective, and history of no-code.
  • What is the difference between SaaS & SaaS 2.0?
  • How to become a SaaS 2.0 company: Create or Transform a new market.

The no-code industry is not a trend; they’re here to stay. We’ll explain why the no-code industry is quickly becoming a requirement in this digital-first world. Additionally, you’ll see how you can take advantage of the emerging no-code economy. 

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Every business can develop its own customized, personalized solution! It’s true, Software is eating the world. But not everyone would be a developer, nor they should!

Development is hard and expensive. Accordingly, many big companies waste millions of dollars on their software development. It’s because they feel no SaaS can meet their needs. Although at the same time, they didn’t have the expertise of creating software themselves.

On the other hand, some visionary companies found another way, a new perspective:

Instead of offering our customers the solution, what if we offered them the right tools. So they could create their own unique solutions?

Therefore, they wanted to convert their customer to “Software Builders” and that is what the first “S” stands for. Whereas in SaaS 2.0, the “S” is no longer software,

SaaS 2.0 == “Software Builder” as a service

SaaS 2.0 companies don’t have to fool themselves; their customers with dynamic or advanced solutions that ultimately don’t work effectively for their customers. Providing the right tools, companies empower their customers to create customized unique solutions based on their needs, stage, taste, etc.

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