What's new in Formaloo - August 2023

What’s new in Formaloo – August 2023

As summer’s lazy days slowly fade, it’s the perfect moment to pick up the pace and increase productivity.

We have been busy preparing some great updates for you that will accelerate your business and drive your team’s growth forward.

Let’s dive into the exciting updates we have in store for you!

Before we go any further, watch the following video for a quick rundown of the changes. Let’s start now!

New block: Content 2.0

You can quickly add any content you want inside your apps now! 

Enjoy the simplicity with which you can edit your apps with Formaloo just like you’d do with a document. It’s that simple! 

New Formaloo block - content 2.0

With this new block, you can create text-based custom content that you can embed in your apps. From choosing fonts and colors that resonate with your brand to structuring with headings and lists, you have the tools to craft content that captures attention.

New Table UI

Your tables have become not only more beautiful but also considerably faster! 

Thanks to the new Table block, you have more filter choices, sort options, and advanced data management. You can also create multiple filters at the same time and sort your data as you wish.

Filter and sort your data in the new table

New Kanban block

We have launched the new Kanban block that gives you more options for organizing your data. Your data can be filtered and arranged in many creative ways. Organizing your data in the new Kanban is also much quicker than before!

Kanban board to organize your data

New block: Gallery

We’re introducing a new block type to use inside your apps. With a gallery, you can showcase your data more visually like a gallery, carousel, or like your blog posts! 

Same as Kanban and Table, you have all the features to filter your data and customize your UI as you wish.

New gallery view in Formaloo

Hide menu in Apps

For certain apps, a menu might not be necessary. Now, you have the option to hide the menu if it’s not needed!

Hide the side bar menu on your formaloo app

And there you have it, the latest updates for August in the bag! We’re truly grateful for your ongoing support and involvement 💜.

As we gear up for September, be on the lookout for our next edition of “What’s New,” where we’ll introduce more exciting features that boost your experience.

In the meantime, get the most of Formaloo’s perks and have a fantastic time navigating our platform.

Happy Formaloo-ing! 🥂

What's new in Formaloo - August 2023
What’s new in Formaloo – August 2023
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