What’s new in Formaloo – July 2023

Introducing Formaloo’s eagerly awaited Editor 3.0, the newest game-changer in data management.

In response to your suggestions, we developed Editor 3.0, the ultimate tool for optimizing your data-related duties.

Formaloo 3.0 is packed with features that increase your data management, from enhanced data organization to quicker searching abilities. It’s time to take unprecedented control of your data!

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

Before we proceed, take a moment to view the video below, providing you with a concise overview of the new editor.

New chatbot UI

We’ve improved the chatbot’s interface to make it look more beautiful and user-friendly. Check out this lead-generation chatbot template.

Microsoft SSO in your apps

Now you can add Microsoft SSO/SAML inside your apps! With this new integration with Microsoft, you can connect your Microsoft Azure system to your workspace inside Formaloo and even create standalone authentication systems per app!

Starred formaloos

We’ve added Starred formaloos to the new dashboard. With this functionality, you can pin the formaloos to your sidebar so you can access them with a click!

And the good news is, it’s per team member. So each user can have their own pinned formaloos.

This feature aims to improve your productivity and make your workflow smooth by providing quick access to frequently used formaloos.

Customize your pinned formaloos and personalize your dashboard according to your unique preferences.

A new folder structure

Introducing the updated folder structure in our new dashboard!

We’re excited to announce the addition of a comprehensive folder hierarchy to the sidebar, designed to bring you a faster and easier way to keep your dashboard organized and effortlessly navigate through it.

With this update, you can now group related items, projects, or formaloos within folders and focus on what matters.

New search functionality

We’ve taken great strides to optimize the speed and capabilities of the search feature.

Now, you can navigate through your dashboard and locate your formaloos easily. The upgraded search ensures swift access to the exact items you need, eliminating the need for endless scrolling or manual efforts.

It’s time to experience an efficient way of finding your formaloos, enabling you to focus on your tasks and productivity like never before.

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That concludes our July “What’s new!” 💜

We are happy to be going on this journey with you and look forward to bringing even more exciting progress to Formaloo in the future.

Thank you for being a part of the Formaloo community. We can’t wait to see how these new features transform the way you interact with your data and boost your success.

Happy Formaloo-ing! 🥂

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