What's new in Formaloo - May 2023

What’s new in Formaloo – May 2023

As the sun shines bright and the days get longer, we believe that everything during this season should be about ease and speed. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to update Formaloo’s features and make your work smoother, faster, and a whole lot better. 

Get ready to breeze through your tasks and enjoy the summer vibes without any hassle. 

Let’s dive into the exciting updates we have in store for you!

Watch the following video to get a brief overview of the changes before we continue. So let’s begin!

New templates page

We’re excited to present a new templates gallery that lets you search 200+ templates in 27 categories and find your desired templates much easier. Also, the templates now highlight their unique features in descriptions and categories that help you learn more about them before editing.

This enables you to select the ideal template for your unique needs. We strongly recommend checking out the newly updated templates page.

Check out the new template gallery

Chatbot 2.0

Introducing Chatbots, the upgraded version of widgets with an extra touch of beauty and a range of complementary features, including Logic.

You can now create conversational forms, displaying one question at a time and patiently awaiting the user’s response before presenting the following field in the chat.

You can easily access the Chatbot feature through the embedding options of your form.

Right-click your custom form, select “View codes & widgets,” then copy-paste the chatbot code on your website.

Chatbot embedded into an app

But that’s not all! Chatbot now supports an array of powerful functionalities such as logic and calculations, multiple success pages, and variables.

This expanded functionality allows you to create highly customized and dynamic conversational experiences for your users.

Unlimited custom domains on apps

We’ve introduced a fantastic new feature that allows you to set custom domains for each app individually, with no limits!

Now you can personalize each app’s domain, giving them a unique and distinct identity.

We’ve gone further to make things even more convenient for you!

You can now set up a root custom domain in your workspace settings that hold all your apps. This means that all your applications will be seamlessly integrated under your very own domain, creating a consistent and professional online presence.

Multiple custom domains on apps
Customize your apps domain from your workspace

Position-based sorting on Kanban

We’ve launched a powerful new feature that gives you much more control over your Kanban view. With this feature, you can sort the cards in your Kanban view. So, for example, drag a Kanban card and drop it to where you want it to be.

Your Kanban board is always up to date because of our real-time updating feature, which causes the cards to modify their priority and position automatically.

Dynamic card management is here; static list management is gone. With the help of this new functionality, you can easily adjust to shifting priorities, optimize task structure, and personalize your workflow.

Position-based sorting on Kanban view

Variable comparison in Logic

Now you can compare variables using Logic and conditions. This helps you build reliable forms that react smartly to the user’s responses. For example, to create a personality quiz, you can compare the score of multiple variable fields and connect the related personality type to your responses.

More advanced price calculation

Using conditional logic, you can now simply calculate additional services and add them to the final price right alongside your product fields.

No more separate calculations or manual math!
You can now calculate additional prices from the choice fields and mix them with the product fields to calculate the total payable amount. For example, check out this template calculating the total price using Logic.

Learn more about how to calculate the price in your order form.

Tip of the month: Hacks to perform audience tracking

Looking to track your audience activity across various digital channels?

Check out our guide to perform user tracking with URL parameters, partial submissions feature, Google Analytics and Heatmaps integrations.

These are great solutions to collect valuable data, boost your conversion rates and optimize your advertisements.

That concludes our May’s “What’s New”! I want to thank you for your continued support and engagement 💜

Stay tuned for next month’s edition, where we’ll unveil new exciting features designed to improve your experience even further.

In the meantime, keep enjoying the benefits of Formaloo and have a fantastic time using our platform.

Happy Formaloo-ing! 🥂

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