What’s New in Formaloo: June 2021

June 2021 Newsletter

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Formaloo SaaS 2.0 webinar

SaaS 2.0 Webinar

We organized the SaaS vs. SaaS 2.0 webinar on June 11th. Thank you everyone for this amazing experience ♥️ Your positive feedback and energy made us believe more that we’re on the right path!

In this webinar, we discussed the “success factor” of SaaS startups and how you can become a SaaS 2.0 startup.

If you missed the webinar, no worries, because you can watch it here:

Integrate 3,000+ Apps with Formaloo!

Exciting news! You can now connect more than 3,000 apps with your Formaloo account in a few clicks on Zapier!

Integrating your platforms with Formaloo lets you consolidate all data from those platforms in a single space.

This is an amazing tool for you to send and receive data and build an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Formaloo integrations on Zapier
Formaloo calculator version 1.5

Calculator version 1.5

We’re proud to announce that more than 5,000 teachers, universities, and schools are using Formaloo!

We published the calculator version 1.5 to enable teachers to build quizzes and educational forms much much simpler!

In this version, you can add answer sheets to describe each field separately. Watch the following tutorial video to learn more!

Formaloo Android app new version

Formaloo 5.0 Android App Who Got a Lot Smarter and More Beautiful

Welcome to Formaloo 5.0! Our biggest update yet!

In this version, you can enable push notifications, and experience the new version of quiz maker and form builder. Also, the analytics are more optimized for the growth of your business.

Enjoy Formaloo 5.0 on Android to build forms, surveys, quizzes and manage your audience and business growth on the go!

Dear Apple users, Stay tuned for the new updates on our iOS application, which is coming very soon!

On behalf of the team, I want to say thank you for your support. We can’t wait to see the creative ways that you tailor and shape Formaloo to your needs. ✨

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