What is Formaloo?

Formaloo is a powerful online application that allows anyone to quickly create custom online tools for internal workflows and processes. We want to see a world in which everyone can easily create tools online.

A world in which people have the building blocks to be creative and add huge value to their community. Its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes building tools incredibly simple and doesn’t require you to write a single line of code. Using Formaloo, you can create and publish data-driven tools using forms, tables, charts, etc. and integrate them into your site, and collaborate with your team on it.

How can I find my form address?

Go to your dashboard and open your form by clicking on it. Go to the “Share” tab and there you’ll see the URL address of your form. Copy and share it with your audience!

Find form url address

Do I need coding experience to create formaloos?

Not at all! With Formaloo’s drag-and-drop builder, you don’t need any coding experience to create the perfect tool for your needs. Advanced users can go directly into the HTML code or API and make adjustments, but it’s absolutely not necessary. With our theme designer, you can change the style of your tools with just a few clicks.

How many formaloos can I make for free?

You can create unlimited formaloos with Formaloo and collect unlimited responses for free.

Is Formaloo GDPR compliant?

Formaloo is based in Estonia (EU) and complies with the GDPR framework. Check out all frequently asked questions about GDPR & Formaloo and how to create a GDPR compliant form.

What browsers and devices are supported by Formaloo?

We usually support at least two previous versions of all popular browsers and platforms. You can use Formaloo on the following platforms/browsers:

  • Windows and Mac computers with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browsers.
  • Tablets: iPads running iOS 10+ and Android tablets running 4.4+.
  • Smartphones: iPhones running iOS 10+, Android smartphones running 4.4+, Opera Mini (latest version), and IE Mobile (latest version).

Formaloo Android application also supports Andoird version 5 and higher.

Do I need to have coding skills to use Formaloo?

Absolutely NOT! Formaloo comes with hundreds of free ready-to-use templates. With Formaloo, you’ll have all the building blocks to be creative and build the tools you need in your teams and your organization.

What type of forms can I build with Formaloo?

You can build any form that you can imagine with it, no matter how complex, Formaloo makes it easy!

You can create any forms you like such as:

  • ANY Contact Forms (simple & professional)
  • Multi-step Surveys (100+ templates)
  • Job Application Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Newsletter Registration Forms
  • Register to Download Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Online Booking Forms
  • Event Booking Forms
  • Call for paper Forms
  • Scholarship Application Forms
  • File Download Forms
  • Employment Verification Forms
  • Make a Referral Forms
  • Volunteer Registration Forms
  • CRM Connected Forms

Formaloo is not just a form builder. You can build much more than that on Formaloo. To see a full list or free ready-to-use templates, visit the apps & templates page and explore the template categories.

How can I share access to my formaloos?

To manage access on your formaloo, right-click on it and select “Access Management”. In the opened pop-up you can select the access level and email address of your team member to share the access of that formaloo with.

Share access on your formaloos

How can I use folders to organize my formaloos and share access on folders?

Folders help you organize and categorize your formaloos. On the Formaloo dashboard, click on the “Create new folder” button, add a title for your folder and click “Create”. Your folder will be created and visible on your dashboard.

To manage access to your folder, right-click on it and select “Access Management”. In the opened pop-up you can select the access level and email address of your team member to share the access of that folder with.

Remember, your team member should have an account on Formaloo before you share access on formaloos and folders with them.

Share access on folders

How to add new pages to my single-page formaloos?

Multi-page forms help you show each question on a new page. But to have power over when you want to add a new page, the “Page break” field will help. Whenever you need a new page, just drop the page break field into your formaloo canvas.

Remember, the “page break” field is only available in single-page forms. So if you don’t find it in the list of fields, maybe it’s a good idea to go to the design tab and make sure that your form is single-page.

Add page break to formaloo

Can I use Formaloo without an internet connection?

You can submit formaloos in the Formaloo Android application without an internet connection. All data will be synced when you get back online.

To do so, in the Android application go to Home, then click on the menu beside your form and select “View (Application)”. This will open your form inside the application and you can submit it even when you’re not connected to the internet. Everything will be saved on your form as soon as you’re back online.

submit forms offline

How can I copy a form?

In your Workspace, there is a menu beside each form. Open the menu and select “Duplicate” to copy that form.

Make a copy of your form

Can I build conditions or “skip logic” into a form?

At Formaloo, conditions are called Logic. Formaloo offers both simple and advanced logic designers. You can create your full workflow with Formaloo. Using Logic you can add conditions (if/else and loop) on both your single-page and multi-page formaloos. Check out this article and video explaining how to use it:

How to use Formaloo Logic

How to redirect users to different URLs using logic?

Edit your formaloo and click on the logic tab. It will open the Logic page for you. There, add a new condition on your question and select “after submit go to a link” and then insert your link.

redirect to url - logic

Can I pre-populate fields?

Yes! You can pre-populate form questions or statements with some data using Hidden Fields and Lookup Fields, which you can find out about here:

How to pre-populate form questions with some data

How to Use URL Parameters to Pre-Fill Form Fields

What are Admin-Only fields and how can I use them?

Admin-Only fields are for the benefit of you as the admin of formaloos. You can use them to add notes and extra information on each respondent row. This information will only be visible to formaloo admins and the users won’t see them.

For example, on an employee engagement formaloo, your HR team can add notes on each employee without having to submit a separate formaloo.

I made changes to my form questions or settings, but my form doesn’t show them!

Make sure to hit  Save  after making any edits to your form, so that the updates are transferred to the live version of the form. If you’re already using the form link on another site, you won’t have to replace it for the updates to show. 

You also need to save your form when editing form settings. Otherwise, the new settings won’t affect people responding to your form.

My form is skipping questions / The questions I created aren’t showing up in my published form!

This may be because of how your form’s Logic is set up.

Double-check any rules you’ve created to confirm that you aren’t accidentally skipping questions, and use your Logic Map as a handy reference to make sure your respondents are being sent down the right question paths.

Use logic map on your form

You can also check out this article and video to see how logic works on Formaloo:

 How to use Formaloo Logic

Why can’t I see the responses to my form?

If you’re seeing a “Waiting for approval” message, it’s because some formaloos may need to be approved by Formaloo. This process should take less than 10 minutes. In case your form hasn’t been approved for more than that, let Formaloo support know via the support chat on the website or via email.

My form shows this message “The form you requested has been either deactivated by its creator or can not be found. Please make sure you have the right address.”

This message means you’ve deactivated your form. To make it active again, from the Formaloo dashboard edit your form, then in the General Settings tab, activate your form. You can deactivate or close your form again using this setting.

Activate form

Can I have my form active only for a duration of time?

Yes. You can set an expiry time on your form. To do so, from the Formaloo dashboard edit your form. Then in the General Settings tab, edit the “Active from” and “Active to” dates or just delete their value to remove the time limit on your form. If someone tries to open your form outside that timeline, they’ll see this message: “The form has been expired by the owner”.

What are response limits or submit limits?

If your form shows this message: “Form has reached its submit limit!”, it’s because you’ve set a limit for the maximum number of responses on your form. To increase this limit or remove it, from the Formaloo dashboard edit your form, then in the General Settings tab, increase the max number of submits or just delete the number to remove the limit.

How can I identify my respondents?

In order to identify your respondents you need to either:

  • Ask a person for the name, email address, or other identification directly in your form. Do this with an Email or Short text question.
  • If you already have your respondent’s information in your database you can pass the name, email, ID or all of these via Hidden Fields in the URL of the form. This way, the information will appear in your Results along with answers to the questions. Not only that, you can feed this info into your form and make it more personal.

You can view and manage all your respondents in the Formaloo CDP dashboard on the “Customers” page. There you can segment your audience using tags, add notes to each, and view all of their information and activities.

Can I get an email every time my form gets a new response? Can I send form respondents their answers?

Of course! On the Formaloo CDP dashboard edit your form, then open the “Notifications” tab.

To send respondents their answers, you need at least one “Email” field in your form so that the answers can be sent to the email address they’ve submitted in the form. You can’t turn on this option if you don’t have any “Email” field on your form.

To receive an email every time the form gets a new response, go in the “Notifications” tab, turn on the “Send me a notification email for each response” toggle and then enter your email address.

Send form respondents their answers

How can I get my form responses and results?

Log in to your account, and click on the form or open the form’s menu and select “View responses”. In the “Charts” tab and the “Responses” tab, you can see the list of all responses and charts that visualize your collected data.

You can download all responses in a spreadsheet or export them to Google Sheets using the buttons under the table of responses.

View form responses and results

How can I make sure respondents only answer my form once?

You can use a “Phone” field and in the settings of it turn on the “Unique” option. It will make sure each phone number submitted on your form is unique.

Also, you can embed the form on a page with cookies that don’t allow the respondent to view the form more than once (this option will require someone with coding skills on your side).

How do I edit submitted responses?

In the Formaloo dashboard click on the form or open the form’s menu and select “View responses”. In the “Responses” tab, you can see the list of all responses. Click on the “Details” button on each row to see the full response. On this page, you can edit the response.

Edit form response

How do I embed my form on my website or emails?

In the Formaloo dashboard click on the form or open the form’s menu and select “View responses”. Then go to the “Share” tab and select one of the options to share your form. To embed your form on your website, you can use the “iframe”, “script”, or “widget” options.

Select one and click on the “Get code” button. There you can copy the code and paste it to your website. It will embed the form into your website.

Do you have a WordPress website? You can install the Formaloo WordPress and WooCommerce plugin to embed and manage your formaloos too!

Embed your form on your website using script

Can I create a chatbot on my website?

It’s pretty simple. Follow the steps in the following article to create a chatbot on your website:

How to create a chatbot on my website?

How can I sell products online on Formaloo?

63 percent of shopping journeys start online, making online sites an increasingly lucrative option for selling your own products. Here’s the easiest way to start selling your products online. Simplify the process of ordering products from your online store with the help of a well-designed Online Order Form template.

How can I add a payment method?

Click on your profile icon at the top right side of your Formaloo dashboard and select payment methods. Or simply go to this page. Then click on the “Create a new payment method” link. Add the data of your Stripe payment tool and save it. Your Stripe account will automatically be added to your Formaloo account

You can simply add it to your order formaloos. To do so, edit your formaloo and then go to the settings tab. There you can enable the payment and choose your payment method. Your formaloo will be redirected to the payment page after your customer submits it.

To add other payment methods like PayPal, Visa, etc. contact us via [email protected].

payment method

How can I set discount code on my Products?

Simply use the Formaloo Calculator. Add a short text field on your formaloo and name it discount code and save your formaloo. Then go to the Calculator page and add a calculation on that field. Set it to deduct a certain amount from the total price when the value of this field equals your discount code. That simple!

Create discount code on your product

Can I host my data on my own servers?

Yes. With Formaloo Enterprise (Self-Hosted or On-Premise) you can have a full version of Formaloo on your own servers. Please contact us for more information on this part.

Is my data safe?

Formaloo takes the security of your data very seriously and is famous for its security. We have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies, and policies to ensure your data is secure. All Formaloo standalone formaloo links and embed codes are secure (SSL) by default, and we give all users the option to encrypt their data.

What happens to my data when I downgrade my account?

If you decide to downgrade your account, your data will still be securely stored like it always has been and as long as it does not go over the total cloud storage on free accounts which is 1 GB. Also, your forms will be disabled if you go over the monthly cloud storage limit on your downgraded plan or any other limit, such as the number of team members. You can check your cloud storage and team size levels at the left pane of your dashboard page.

How to add videos to my form?

You can use the “Video” field to show a Youtube video on your form. Just fill in the Youtube link and it will be added to your form.

Add video field to form

Can I integrate Formaloo with my CRM, e-commerce software, Email Marketing Service, or Analytics tools?

Yes, Formaloo supports 3,000+ most popular tools such as Mailchimp, Google tag manager & Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, WooCommerce, etc. and with Formaloo API & samples, you can add your own integrations very easily.

You can use Zapier to connect your Formaloo account to any tool you want. Explore the integrations here.

You can use Formaloo’s Python SDK or JavaScript SDK to connect any tools with Formaloo. Also, you can use Formaloo Webhook (see the following video) to get notifications as an event (like form submit) happens on your form.

Formaloo webhook and integration with other tools

How to embed and use a form on my website?

It’s easy to build a form on your website. In this video, we’ll go through the steps to creating a form and embedding it in your website.

How to create a chatbot widget on my website?

Here’s the easiest way to create a widget on your website and increase the conversion rate of your audience. Generate leads using the simple steps described in this video.

What kinds of chatbot widgets can I build with Formaloo?

You can create almost any widget with Formaloo. The most popular widgets created with Formaloo are NPS, CSAT & CES surveys, Lead generation formaloos, newsletter registrations, customer support, report issue formaloos & 100 more use cases.

Check out our widget templates right here.

Is Formaloo WordPress Plugin open-sourced & free? No ads? No spam?

Yes, completely free without any ads or hidden costs. Formaloo WP Plugin is an open-source project by Formaloo with the goal of helping the WordPress community with no-code solutions.

You can check the Formaloo WP Plugin Github page right here.

What is the maximum file size in my formaloos?

We suggest to use compressed photos in your formaloos up to 2MB. The lower the size of your photoes, the faster your form performs for your clients.

How can I limit access to my formaloos? How to make my formaloo password-protected?

You can use Formaloo Logic to create a password field at the beginning (or in the middle) of your formaloo. Check out this password-protected formaloo template.

How can I send SMS messages to my audience?

This feature is only available in the Enterprise plan. For more info, please contact us.

What is Presentation mode and how can I use it?

Using the Presentation mode, you can present your form results with the public. Anyone with the link to your Presentation mode can watch it. It’s the perfect tool for presenting data on your forms and apps.

Presentation mode on forms

How to collect NPS feedback?

Net Promoter Score or NPS feedback is a valuable customer feedback metric. It indicates how customers feel about product releases, tweaks in design or function, and changes in customer service. Therefore, collecting NPS feedback gives you actionable insights that can improve product quality and customer loyalty. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can collect NPS feedback to grow your business.

How to measure customer satisfaction feedback?

Customer satisfaction, or CSAT, is a customer experience metric that measures happiness with a product or service. Therefore, collecting and measuring customer satisfaction feedback helps you exceed customer expectations, drive experience improvement, and reduce customer churn. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can collect and measure customer satisfaction feedback to grow your business.

How to Enable Formaloo Customer Analytics and Form Builder in WordPress/WooCommerce?

Formaloo WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin help you build online formaloos to collect data from your customers. Formaloo also analyzes the data of your customers and gives you actionable insights into the behaviors, traits, and experiences of your customers.

How to create a customer feedback survey?

In this video, you’ll learn how you can create a customer feedback survey. Remember to collect the email address of your customers in your survey so you can contact them later and analyze how they interact with your brand in the future.

How to create a newsletter subscription box on my website?

Email subscription gives your audience the opportunity to receive interesting news from you. It’s also an opportunity for you to generate leads and grow your customer base.

How to create an employee engagement survey?

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel valued and involved in their everyday work. Running an employee engagement survey doesn’t just measure how happy employees are—it measures how dedicated they are to the mission and outcome of your company.

How to create an event evaluation survey?

The final stage of events management is the evaluation of the outcomes of the event and the processes employed to achieve set outcomes. The other purpose of an event evaluation is a reporting mechanism, to gather data to allow feedback to different stakeholders involved in the event relative to their interests.

How to create an online quiz?

Building an online interactive quiz is easy. In this video, you’ll see how to create an online quiz in a few clicks.

How to create product research survey?

To help ensure a successful product launch, it’s important that you get feedback from customers. This online product research survey can verify that you have the right target audience and features for your new product.

How to generate leads online?

There are so many ways you can generate sales leads. In this tutorial, you’ll see how you can build a lead generation form and collect the data of your online visitors.

How to implement and use Formaloo CDP?

Formaloo CDP automatically shows you who are your best customers, who are leaving you for your competitors, and most important of all, how to profit more from each and every customer. Fully automatic without the need of writing any code or any help from data scientists.

How to make a BuzzFeed quiz with Formaloo calculator?

Learn more about the simplest way to create a quiz and share it with your audience by watching this video.

How to build automated workflows & connect my apps to Formaloo with Zapier?

Connect your form to 3,000+ apps and tools like Google Docs, Slack, Mailchimp, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Trello, Airtable, and many more.

How to automate Slack notifications when someone submits my form?

In this live tutorial, you’ll learn how to automate Slack notifications from Formaloo precisely when your workflow requires! With Formaloo Automations you can send custom notifications exactly when your workflow requires!

How to create an online event registration form?

Here’s the easiest way to create an online event registration form. The good news is you can also manage your audience from the formaloo dashboard and CDP. Formaloo makes it easy for you to get online registrations for your event and manage your audience.

How to create a TEDx event application form?

TEDx events can simplify their attendee selection process by asking their prospective attendees to fill out an application form. Their effort in the application form will show their commitment to participating in the TEDx event.

How to create a speaker nomination form for events?

Organizing an event, you’ll want to invite the most suitable speakers. It’s a good practice to ask your community to nominate speakers for your event. Your community could be your partners, previous speakers, or attendees, etc.

How to create an event registration form with tickets and payment?

In this video, you’ll learn the easiest way to create a registration form and sell your event tickets online. You can modify tickets as you wish and also enable discount codes. Happy organizing!

How to manage my most important HR workflows in Formaloo?

Streamline your onboarding processes, build engagement with the human resources, and keep your team aligned as your company grows using Formaloo.

How to use Formaloo to automate my data workflow and processes?

Orchestrate your business processes by connecting work happening across your teams, tools, and vendors so you can execute better work, faster. In this video, you’ll see how you can build connected formaloos to streamline your processes, manage access to your formaloos and folders, and keep your team aligned as work changes.

How to use Formaloo to keep my remote team engaged as it grows?

Keep your team engaged and aligned as it grows. Build momentum with Formaloo’s collaborative tools. Connect work happening across your teams, and tools so you can execute better work, faster.

How to use Formaloo to make my events & exhibitions Interactive and engaging?

Formaloo gives you everything you need to engage your participants, capture their views and make everyone feel connected. Engage your online participants with live polls, Q&A, and quizzes as they’re watching your virtual or hybrid event or webinar.

How to deliver my startup solutions 10x faster?

Save up to 19 hours per team member per week and work more agile. Formaloo is a no-code platform that scales with your startup and gives you the building blocks to create your solutions fast and without code.

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