Manage your Human Resources process with Formaloo

Maximize efficiency and employee satisfaction by streamlining your onboarding processes, implementing effective Human Resources planning, and maintaining accurate employee records.

Reimagine your HR systems

Empower your team with flexible talent management tools that make HR process improvements quick and easy.

Save time and resources while providing valuable insights into the performance and potential of your team.

Automate your hiring process

Manage and organize job applications, interview feedback, contracts, and other essential HR functions.

Formaloo’s customizable apps and databases provide a centralized location to store and access important information, ensuring that nothing gets lost or overlooked.

Keep your team aligned

Collaboration is key when it comes to effectively hiring and retaining top talent within an organization.

Using Formaloo, HR and management teams can easily plan and organize interviews, develop employee engagement plans, and share important information and feedback.

Engage with employees more effectively

Leveraging the power of AI and databases can greatly enhance the way you engage and connect with your employees.

With Formaloo, you can create detailed employee personas that provide valuable insights into the needs, preferences, and behaviours of your workforce, leading to improved employee engagement and productivity.

Provide a top-notch employee experience in your HR department

Arrange comprehensive onboarding and offboarding processes, employee engagement initiatives, performance reviews that provide valuable feedback, and data automation and organization to streamline HR processes.

Job fair registration

Job fair registration

View the template: Job Fair Registration Template

Engage employees

Engage employees

View the template: Employee Engagement Template

Interview tracking

Interview tracking

View the template: Interview Questionnaire Template

Manage your HR functions with Formaloo

Unify your HR processes with Formaloo

Orchestrate everything from your candidate pipeline to your new hire onboarding from Formaloo. Get started with pre-made templates, and customize them to fit your exact needs.