Calculate the price

How to calculate the price in your order form

Here, we’ll look at how you can make an order form, calculate prices in various use cases, and connect them with payment gateways.

You can use order forms for different purposes, whether you’re running an e-commerce store, organizing events, accepting donations, or offering services, these types of forms can be useful.

In this article, we’ll explore how to do the process and calculate prices for different products. Then you can connect your online order form with your payment gateways easily.

Here are some examples of different forms that you can use calculation and logic to sum up the total price:

  • Order forms: Calculate prices exactly based on item quantities, pricing tiers, and any applicable discounts, whether you’re selling real or digital goods. Use flexible customization, to easily set up shipping prices, tax calculations, and other charges.
  • Donation forms: Collect donations for your charitable organization or non-profits by giving complete price calculation features. It allows you to include fixed donation amounts, recurring contributions, and even personalized donation options. Or you can use a flexible amount based on their choice.
  • Event registration: Create custom forms for different ticket kinds, group prices, and add-on services. Reduce manual errors and smooth your event registration processes by automatically computing the total amount due.
  • Membership subscription: Create a membership portal and run a subscription-based service or a membership program. You can easily handle membership fees and automate the process of charging consumers based on their selected plans by creating subscription levels, trial periods, and recurring payment choices.
  • Service payments: Create order forms for your business that provides professional services. Calculate service fees, hourly rates, or project-based costs. Use flexible pricing options to cater to a wide range of services, empowering you to generate quotes and invoices that reflect the precise amount owed by your clients.

These are just a few examples of order forms with price calculations in various use cases. You can easily integrate all kinds of these forms with payment gateways.

Let’s start to make an online order form and see how to calculate the total price for different products.

7 easy steps to make an order form with calculation;

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to create a customized order form that suits your specific needs in no time!

1- Create a form and customize it

Sign in to your Formaloo account and click on “Create a blank form” to start building your form, or use one of our 200+ Templates.

Create a new form from scratch

Add any field you want to the form and start customizing it as you wish! And customize your form to the next level.

Learn more about all the features and fields you can use in your forms: How to create a form with Formaloo.

You can also customize this ready-to-use order form with payment.

2- Add product fields

You can add products to your online order forms or any form for selling items using the “Product” field, which is a useful tool.

Every product’s name, description, quantity, price, and image can be entered in this field.

product field

To set your form’s currency, click the “Calculator” tab, and on the left menu of the opened page, choose your form’s currency.

3- Additional pricing options

Here, you have the flexibility to add extra amounts to your order. For example, you need to include additional costs such as packaging or shipping fees. So you can add a single choice field, and add your options. Then with the logic (in the next steps, we will explain how to use the logic), you can add these prices to the product price that your client has already chosen.

It would be helpful for your customers if you add the additional price in the text of selected options, so they understand what price will be added to the total price.

Let’s see it in our example:

calculate total price

We add a single-choice field with two options for standard packaging and gift wrapping, and for each of them, we want to add an additional price to the total order price. So we write it like this:

  • Standard Packaging- 5€
  • Premium Gift Wrapping- 15€

You can also add other types of fields such as multi-choice or dropdown fields.

4- Add logic for calculating the total price

Now it’s time to calculate the total price using the logic, where you can also connect and add additional prices to the product fields’ prices.

On the top of your page, click on the “Logic” tab, and from the left menu, select “Advanced logic“.

In our example, we have two kinds of conditions to add:

  • Conditions for our product fields
  • Conditions for single-choice field

First, add the logic for each product field like this:

For Set 1, If is answered, then +Add Set 1 to Price

And for set 2 the same:

If is answered, then +Add Set 2 to Price

and the same process for other product fields.

logic for total price

And now is the time to add the logic for additional options for our single-choice field:

In our example, after the packaging options question, add condition as:

If the answer is option 1, then +Add 5 to the price,

And another condition:

If the answer is option 2, then +Add 15 to the price

logic for total price

Now by choosing each of these fields, the packaging price will be added to the total price on your form.

Learn more about how to use Formaloo Logic.

5- Pipe the total price and show it to the user

It is a good idea to show the total price to the users at the end of your form, so the customers can see the calculation of their order before redirecting to the payment gateway.

Learn more about how to use answer piping on your forms.

To pipe the total price on your form, You should add a “Section” field and write inside the description part like this:

Total price: {{price}}

answer piping the price

Learn more about how to use answer piping in your forms.

6- Connect your payment gateway to your online order form

After you make your form, It’s time to connect it to your payment gateways to redirect customers to them. So by linking the form to a payment gateway, customers can make purchases quickly and securely.

First, you need to create your payment method. Open your dashboard, click on your profile, and select “Payment methods” and create a new payment method.

create payment method

Learn more about how to connect your payment method to your online form.

Now go to the settings tab and enable the “Form with payment” option and select your payment method and that’s it! You created your order form with calculations easily.

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