How to Collect Customers’ Data In Shopify Storefront Page for Free

For every up and running business, it’s vital to collect customers’ data and analyze it according to the requirements and needs of the business. Analyzing the customers’ data helps the business keep in touch with them at the right time and with the right propositions. In this article, you will learn how you can add forms to your Shopify storefront page and collect customers’ data in Shopify.

Adding your form to Shopify store is just a few steps.

Step 1: Build Your Form

Easily build your form using ready-to-use templates or from scratch. When finished editing your form, save it. Check this form for a sample survey form.

Create customized form and collect customers' data in Shopify Storefront page
Customize your form as you need

Step 2: Copy the Code to Your Form

When you save your form, you will see a pop-up. Click on the “How can I use the form?” button as shown below.

Get the code to your form and Collect Customers' Data In Shopify Storefront Page
Click on the “How can I use my form” button to get your form’s codes.

When you click on the button, you will see a page that displays the code to your form. Scroll down to the “As a script tag” section and copy the code there. Check out the image below.

Copy the code in the "script" section to Collect Customers' Data In Shopify Storefront Page
Copy the code in the “script” section

Step 3: Paste Your Form’s Code Into Your Shopify StoreFront Page

Log in to your Shopify and go to Online Store > “Pages“. Create a new page by clicking on the “Add Page” button on the top right side of the page. You can also edit a previously added page by choosing it from the table.

Collect Customers' Data In Shopify Storefront Page
Create a page or use your previously created page

In the content section of the page, click on “<>” button to show HTML.

Collect Customers' Data In Shopify Storefront Page
Open your page and click on the “<>” button to show HTML.

Paste the code to your form (which was copied in step 2 of this tutorial) into the HTML box area as shown in the image below. Then save the changes on your page.

Paste the code to your form and save.

Step 4: Collect Customers’ Data in Shopify

Click on the “preview” button and enjoy collecting data from your customers. To see the collected data, open your forms dashboard. Then click on your form to see the results of that form.

Collect Customers' Data In Shopify Storefront Page
Open and select your form

Step 5: Improve Your Data Collection Strategy

Learn how to get more conversion rates on your Shopify form and continuously work on your form improvements. Test your changes and learn from your customers’ data. Formaloo gives you charts to easily understand the data you collect in your forms.

Also, learn how you can benefit more from the data you collect from your customers. Formaloo customer data platform provides you with easy-to-use tools to translate your data into impactful actions and marketing campaigns. Sign up at Formaloo for free and empower your business to grow even faster.

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