How to create a personality quiz easily

How to create a personality quiz

Let’s create a personality quiz to explore logic-based calculation and calculation-based logic on forms in Formaloo.

In this example, we’ll determine the user’s identical character in Star Wars based on how they respond to the questions.

1. Variables to calculate the personality type

The “Variable field” helps you store calculated data as your user fills out the form. For example, calculate and store the user’s personality type in a Variable field. Let’s see how you can do that.

Create a Variable for each personality type. For instance, one Variable for calculating how similar the user is to Darth Vader and another for calculating the similarity to Luke Skywalker.

Now we need Logic to calculate each Variable’s value. Click the “Advanced logic” button on the Logic page and add a point for each answer to your questions into your Variables. For example, if the answer to a question was option 2, add 1 to the Darth Variable. But if it was option 1, add 1 to the Luke Variable.

This way, you can calculate and populate your Variable fields. So based on your client’s answers, each variable will have a final score.

2. Success messages for each personality

For each of the personality types, create a descriptive success message. You can use either Section fields to show the result or multi-success pages. Answer piping also helps you show the final score to the user.

If you want to use the Section field, add Logic conditions based on the final score of your variable fields, and it depends on the number of your questions.

If you want to use the multi-success pages, add success pages in the formaloo editor page. You can add as many success pages as you want.

3. Show the calculated personality type

Now you can compare the score of your Variable fields and show the correct personality type to your responses.

In the Logic page, choose the “After Submit, Go to Success Page” option and show the personality success message based on the score of your Variable fields.


In this tutorial, we went through a personality quiz and how you can use the Variable field and Logic to calculate the user’s personality type based on the answers they give in the quiz. You can customize this quiz and use it as a lead magnet for your prospects and engage them with your products.

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How to create a personality quiz easily
How to create a personality quiz
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