Less is more! How to benefit from your customers’ data

The main problem nowadays is that the amount of data we gain or that is created – and that’s the same in every sector – is enormously huge. The customers’ data you have collected in your business should provide you with some knowledge that helps you to make better decisions.

The new data often replaces the old data or makes older data invalid. Therefore all new links and analytics have to be created continuously in order to keep up with the changes and insights we gain from new data and every day we have to re-think the decisions in order to make valid decisions. 

For small and medium businesses – what might be the data that we create and collect that much? Data from the website and our social media channel’s visitors’ usage, data from e-commerce platforms, from chatbots, from sales system, banks, etc. All the named data is important and useful and could make an impact for the customers’ benefit, better product development, and marketing decisions. So in an ideal world, one should take a careful look at all the data, analyze it, make it work altogether, and make his or her bullet-proof data-based conclusions based on information gained from the market. So how to start with such analysis and how to keep it going day by day?

It’s basically impossible to follow all the data and be an expert on what the data tells us unless you are 24/7 on it. Owners and decision-makers for SMEs rarely have the luxury to dig that deep into data. The more customers your company has, the more data you collect and the more incapable you are fighting the piles of data. If that overload of data happens, one might easily get frustrated, unmotivated, and just leave the data where it is, waiting for the better days to come, for someone who might unlock the potential that lies in these lists, charts, or statistical percentages collected.

So How Can You Understand Your Customers’ Data?

The overload of data is a very common problem for SME-s. More data doesn’t help the owner of the company to make better decisions unless the data is translated into a smaller amount of links between different subjects. How to create the links or how to translate the data for the company owner’s sake? We have the solutions like Google Analytics and Woocommerce and WordPress – we can all link them to each other, we can even add a direct mailing system to it – for the most automated and easy-processed outcome but there’s still missing the link to the critical issue of analytics that connects all the system to one customer and makes all the customer journey work as one finetuned system. 

The better the “data translator” you have, the better results one can get. The data translators as such are called Customer Data Platforms. They offer links between CRM and work for the benefit of the customer (and via that for the benefit of your company as well). Formaloo customer data platform provides you with easy-to-use tools to translate your data into impactful actions and marketing campaigns.

It takes amounts of data and analyses it in order to offer the e-commerce customers the custom-made e-commerce experience that one needs and via that grows customer satisfaction. Customers’ satisfaction is actually prior to the brand or the service and one should keep that in mind while choosing the business data solutions. Best data services will take the amounts of data and turn them into logical flows that – while still containing all the data first provided – create a simple and convenient overview of the conclusions and helps to perform accordingly.

To conclude, the better the data service, the less data you need to work on by yourself, the less time you lose for digging deep in data (and possibly making mistakes due to making wrong conclusions based on the amount of data on just can’t handle), while gaining all the results for the customer satisfaction. As said first – less is more! Less trouble, less time overconsumption, less wrong decisions – it’s all for more! Try the Formaloo Customer Data Platform today for free and enjoy the comfort of understanding your customers’ data!

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