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How to create online beautiful surveys

If you want to gain insights and collect feedback to improve your business, a survey is the easiest way. Customize the look and feel of your surveys, and collect the data you need from the answers.

Online surveys are a popular method of collecting data. They are widely used by businesses and researchers to gather valuable insights and feedback from customers and employees.

With Formaloo, you can easily make a form, select the question type, and apply powerful logic to create feedback forms and online surveys.

In this article, we’ll explore how to create effective online surveys that deliver the insights you need.

So, let’s dive in and discover how to create online surveys to engage your audience.

How to build a survey online in a few easy steps

Follow these easy steps to create your free online survey.

Create your form

To start building a form, you can make it from scratch. Open a new form, and add any field you need to collect user data, like name, email, city, and phone number.

Now you can add your questions. There are different types of questions like multiple-choice, single-choice, tables, and rating scales.

Use CSAT and NPS, to make your online survey more interesting.

Customer satisfaction feedback helps to exceed customer expectations and drive experience improvement.

And measure the number of happy customers using NPS feedback surveys.

Also, for making a custom survey, you can go to our template gallery. This is where you can find ready-to-use templates. Which you can easily edit to fit your particular needs.

Now is the time to customize your form.

Customize your online survey form

Once you’ve customized your form, you can start customizing the survey to make it yours from the “Design” tab of your form’s editor page.

For example, you can change font and color, add background images, add your logo, or even customize the text on the buttons and messages.

These are some of the features you can customize them by Formaloo:

  • Single-step/ Multi-step forms: All questions are visible on a single page or each question is on a separate page.
  • Variable field: add a custom variable to your form, edit your formaloo and add a Variable field. Then you can populate your variable on the Logic page.
  • Logic and calculation: You can make your form smarter by adding Logic and Calculations. Link questions to outcomes, assign points to answers, show and hide questions, or send people down different question paths depending on how they respond.
  • Multiple success pages: Use Advanced Logic to direct users to the right success page based on their answers. You can create multiple success pages in your form, then use Logic to redirect users to a specific success page based on their responses. Or add a link to your success message to redirect respondents to another page or form after completing the form.
  • Partial submission: Enable partial submissions to view the unfinished responses of people who start answering the form, answer a few of your questions, and leave. Watch this video to learn more: How to save form entries partially as the user is filling out the form.
  • Answer piping: Answer piping allows you to pipe or display an answer to a question in any other part of your online form. This creates a more personal and engaging experience for your submitter. You can use answer piping in real time just about anywhere on your form. learn more about how you can use it: How to use the answer piping.
  • Prevent duplicate submissions: Improve your data collection accuracy, efficiency, and security while providing a better user experience for your customers. Learn how to prevent duplicate submissions.
  • Offline surveys: Empower your onsite survey strategy with offline functionality. Gather real-time feedback when your audience is engaging with your services.

Watch this video to see how to customize your form to the next level.

Charts and reports, kanban boards

Manage your data and responses by using tools like charts, graphs, and Kanban boards.

Read more about how to create advanced charts.

With a kanban board, you can categorize your customers by their status.

You can measure customer satisfaction feedback and responses easily in this way.

You can present your form responses in a live mode and share them with the public. It’s the perfect solution for incentivizing your audience to fill out the form by viewing other responses.

Receive notifications when someone responds

For marketing automation, set up custom notifications. Automatically send emails and notifications to yourself, your team, or your participants.

You can get an email every time the form gets a new response.

Go to the “Notifications” tab, turn on the “Send me a notification email for each response” and then enter your email address.

Also, use the “Email forwarding” option to add extra email addresses.

learn more about sending custom emails to your form submitters.

Also, you can use the “Email verification” field to verify your audience.

Connect your survey results with your favorite tools

By integrating your surveys with your favorite CRM, email marketing tools, and more, automate your marketing strategy and maximize your overall ROI.

Use Formaloo integrations to connect with thousands of the most popular apps.

Publish your online survey

Now that you’ve created your formaloos, it’s time to share them with your audience!

To share your survey with the public, edit your formaloo and click on the eye icon on the top right of your editor page.

Also, you can see your form’s public URL address whenever you click the save button on your formaloo editor.

To embed your form on your website, on your dashboard, right-click on your formaloo. Select “View code and widgets” where you can see different embedding options like iframe, script, and widget.

Embed survey on your website

Select one and click on the “Get code” button. Then, paste it on your website to embed the form there.

Collaborate with teammates

You and your team can work together in your Formaloo workspace. With access management and data security, you can manage who has access to what data.

Easily add your team members to your workspace by clicking on the workspace members in the menu under your profile icon. Then, add their email addresses or share the invitation link to join your workspace.

Learn more about how to create an application without needing to code.

You can only share full access to the responses with your workspace team members. So if someone isn’t in your workspace team and you want to share full access to the responses, first add them to your workspace. Also, you can share the “Read-only” and “Read and edit responses” access levels with everyone, even if they’re out of your workspace team.

Furthermore, you can build membership-only portals where your customers can sign up and log in to view your app.

Read more about how to create a custom CRM.

Creating professional online surveys with Formaloo

The great thing about Formaloo is that it’s very flexible, so you can customize it to fit your needs.

You can add different fields, create views that show specific subsets of data, and even connect it to other tools.

With Formaloo, building a custom survey has never been easier!

With the powerful features of Formaloo, you can automate your workflow and tasks, to provide better service for your customers.

So get started now and empower your business to achieve its full potential!

If you want to see our app in action, check out our YouTube channel for tutorials and demos.

And If you have any questions, check out Formaloo’s support page to find ways you can contact us.

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