slack integration with formaloo

Slack Integration

Use this integration to get notified and send responses to your Slack the moment someone completes your formaloo. Share with a channel or via direct message.

Let the channel know when things change.

Plans change, deadlines shift, and communication gets scattered across platforms. Things are easier when relevant information is located in one place, so it’s no surprise that “put it in Slack” has become a common refrain for many of us. We’ve built automation systems that help you work where you want to. This article shows you how you can easily automate Slack notifications on Formaloo.

Let’s say you work at an electronics company and you have a new camera coming out. When a new user fills out your lead generation form, your sales team needs to take specific actions to bring the lead onboard. Thanks to our Slack automation your sales team will know precisely when the time comes to get moving.

1. Connect your Slack

Simply navigate to the integrations tab of your formaloo, click on “Connect to Slack” and select the desired channel you want to receive notification and your data inside it, then hit save. That’s it! After that, every new response, new submission, and a new row will be sent to your desired channels instantly every time.

After you give permission to FormalooBot integration, you’re done! You can modify this integration and activate it however you wish in each of your formaloos. Multiple workspaces and multiple simultaneous notifcations are also supported.

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