Say goodbye to the endless software solutions, spreadsheets, sticky notes, and files. Build tools on Formaloo to do everything in a single solution.

No credit card needed

Go mobile, and take your business with you

Sell online, keep in touch with your customers, and develop an unforgettable experience for your customers, even when you’re offline!

Accept Online Payments

Sell online and get notified via email or push notifications. Enjoy maximum returns for minimal investment.

Automate your hiring process

Focus on what you do best

With Formaloo, you don’t need any IT or coding! We handle most of the responsibilities you’d normally need an IT team for—periodic technological updates, app maintenance, data backups, and more. All you have to worry about is your product/service.

Share data and collaborate in real time

Work with your team to deliver your products and services faster and better. Manage access to your data and secure your customers’ privacy.

Bring all the data you need into one place

Integrate with existing tools, add apps to gain valuable insights, and write your own scripts to further customize your workflow.

Explore integrations

One source for all your data

Powerful API and Webhook

Do you already have a development team? You can use Formaloo API and Webhook to connect your software to your databases on Formaloo.

Drill down your data with visual reports

Organize and analyze your data using charts and figures to understand your next steps.

Scalable, reliable architecture

Our platform is highly reliable, with data redundancy and backups in multiple availability zones.

Automate time-consuming tasks

Streamline communication and automate routine tasks efficiently to manage your startup.

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Use cases

Get started now

Everything you need, packed into eight powerful, readymade education management apps. Take your pick from our expertly crafted suite of education software.

Lead Generation

Generate leads even when you’re offline using chatbots and more.

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Order Management

Fast-track your sales operations

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Education Management

Get Feedback

Collect feedback from your audience to grow faster.

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Logical Databases

Automate reactions based on how your customers interact.

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