What's new in Formaloo - September 2022

What’s New in Formaloo: September 2022

Each month, we like to showcase some of the new features we’re adding to Formaloo to make our platform more accessible, more intuitive, and more powerful. Let’s head on to this month’s what’s new in Formaloo.

This month too, we’ve got improvements to share. Read on—or watch this short video for the breakdown 👇

Default values

Default values help you pre-populate your form fields with specific values. For example, in a dropdown field set the default value to a specific option, so that when the form loads, the field is pre-populated with that option.

To set default values on your field, click on it, and from the properties, choose its default value. Remember that for dropdown, multi-select, and single-select fields, you should save and reload the formaloo editor to be able to select one of the options as the default value.

Try out default values on your form

App builder new UI

We’ve updated the user interface of the apps. They’re now much more beautiful and user-friendly. The tables, kanbans, and grid views also have a new look to help you visualize your data in the best way.

Check app templates now!

Infinite loading for the tables & boards

The tables and boards now have an infinite loading. With this feature, your data loads automatically as you scroll through it. So instead of changing pages, you can view your data at once. This makes it much easier for you to load your data and go through it.

Calculator improvements

We’ve updated Calculator version 2, so it supports more logical options in your calculations and also gives you more opportunities for adding calculations to your logic. Using calculator V2, you can run logic-based calculations and also calculation-based logic on your forms. You can also use the new Variable field to store calculated data and use it in your logic.

See how Calculator V2 works

Tip of the month: Hacks to take your answer piping to the next level!

Looking to create a more personalized experience for your survey audience? Answer Piping lets you “pipe” or display an answer to a question, a calculated value, a payment total, or a score, into just about any other part of the form.

It’s a great feature that makes your survey and quiz more personalized and more engaging.

That’s it for this month. As always, thanks for reading along. We’ll be back next month with even more new features to help you get the most out of your forms. Until then, happy Formaloo-ing!

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