Save up to 19 hours per team member per week and work more agile. Build your business apps, organize your data, streamline projects, and automate core processes.

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Whether you’re new to Formaloo or a veteran who’s looking at advancing your applications, we’ve got you covered.

Early-stage startup?

If you’re a member of any accelerator or incubator in the world, you can get up to $1,000 credit to get going.

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If you raised less than 5M$ in venture capital you can get up to a 20% discount!

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Let your engineers focus on UI & UX

Use Formaloo as your database to build your software–mobile-based or web-based. Build logical and relational databases without code on Formaloo.

Automate your hiring process

Keep everyone aligned

Empower your team with tools to collect data from customers, organize and analyze it. Let the data flow through the team and enjoy the agility!

Save time by shortening feedback cycles

Deliver your product to market faster, test it, and maintain everything in the easiest way possible.

Bring all the data you need into one place

Integrate with existing tools, add apps to gain valuable insights, and write your own scripts to further customize your workflow.

Explore integrations

One source for all your data

Powerful SDK, API and Webhook

You can use Formaloo API and Webhook to connect your software to your databases on Formaloo.

Drill down your data with visual reports

Organize and analyze your data using charts and figures to understand your next steps.

Scalable, reliable architecture

Our platform is highly reliable, with data redundancy and backups in multiple availability zones.

Automate time-consuming tasks

Streamline communication and automate routine tasks efficiently to manage your startup.

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Use cases

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Everything you need, packed into eight powerful, readymade education management apps. Take your pick from our expertly crafted suite of education software.

Audience management

Lead Generation

Generate leads even when you’re offline using chatbots and more.

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Order Management

Fast-track your sales operations and manage orders

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Remote Working

Keep your team updated even when working remotely.

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Logical Databases

Comprehensive syllabus management software

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