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“You can easily access the results of the forms, moreover when you create an app, you can build a portal with selected access roles, visibility and more...’’

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Formaloo consistently ranks as the G2 industry leader based on hundreds of customer reviews. But don't take our word for it. Check out G2’s reviews for more info.

Build custom membership portals that boost engagement

Craft beautiful, branded membership portals in minutes. No coding required.

Membership-only access

Create public or private groups with custom access management. Show or hide pages or specific sections of a page based on the user's logged-in status, role and more.

Login & sign-up user accounts

Transform your app into a portal instantly. Ensure secure login and sign up through email and password authentication without the hassle of third-party integrations.

Drive community engagement

Create custom data fields and forms to gather unique member information. Leverage instant analytics and reports to understand preferences, track content performance, and optimize user engagement.

Content management system

Craft engaging articles, images, and videos. Share exclusive resources, spark discussions, host virtual events and engage customers with exclusive gated content – all within your stunning portal.

Build exclusive member experiences with our easy-to-use portal builder

Craft custom portals, engaging user accounts, and gain data insights - all without coding

White labeled

White-label your portal, customize design, domain, and emails for a seamless brand experience.

Analytics & reporting

Visualize user journeys, interactions, responses and key metrics with interactive charts, graphs, and tables.

Paid memberships

Control access, add login/signup for exclusive communities, or create a subscription-based portal.

User accounts

Create individual user accounts for every portal user. Manage profiles, login credentials, and access levels easily.

Custom fields & forms

Choose from a variety of fields and forms, personalize your experience, and send custom emails.

Access control

Control who can create, edit, view, and share content, data, and functionalities within the portal.

Integrate with your favorite tools or apps

Connect Formaloo to 3000+ tools such as Google, Slack, and more.
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Designed to be loved by every team

Start with a portal template or build one today!

Choose app and form templates from our 200+ selection. Customize it to match your brand's look and feel.
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Questions & answers

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our portal builder

What types of portals can I build?

You can create any type of portal you need: employee portals, customer portals, partner portals, membership-only communities, subscription-based portal, and more! Tailor your portal to your specific needs and target audience.

Do I need coding experience?

Absolutely not! Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes portal building accessible, regardless of technical expertise. Focus on content and functionality, not code.

Can I customize the portal?

You certainly can! Brand your portal with your logo, colors, and fonts for a seamless experience that reflects your unique identity. Build trust and recognition within your audience.

How do I get started and get support?

Getting started is easy! Explore our website, sign up for free, and access our comprehensive documentation and tutorials. Our responsive support team is always here to help you with any questions.

How can I create and manage user accounts?

You can add, edit, and manage user accounts with ease. Once you create your portal, a user table will be created. Simply enter user details, assign roles, and manage permissions in one centralized location.

Can I define different user roles and permissions?

Of course! Define unique user roles with specific permissions to control access to content, functionalities, and data within your portal. Ensure security and efficiency by tailoring access levels to individual roles.

Can I white-label the platform and remove your branding?

Absolutely! You can fully white-label your portal and remove our branding to create a portal that seamlessly reflects your unique identity and strengthens your brand recognition. Add your logo, colors, fonts, and even domain name for a truly branded experience.

Is Formaloo GDPR compliance?

Short answer is YES. Please read our special GDPR FAQ right here.

Is my data safe?

Formaloo is famous for its security. We have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies, and policies to ensure your data is secure.

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