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Formaloo is loved by fortune 500 companies, and many more.

Best no-code chatbot builder

Use our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop chatbot builder to start building chatbots as you wish.

Turn website visitors into loyal customers

Engage your website visitors with fully branded chatbots that guide them towards their desired outcomes. Capture lost leads with partial submit recovery and drive conversions with lead magnet chatbots. Design engaging and conversational chatbots that ask one question at a time to your users.

Chatbot with logic and multiple flows

Craft custom chatbot journeys with answer piping, variables, and logic branching. Tailor conversations to each user by referencing past answers, performing calculations, and dynamically showing or hiding sections based on their answers. Experience flows that feel truly personal and relevant, every time.

Real-time reports and dashboards

Visualize success with stunning charts, track key metrics in real-time dashboards, and deep-dive into user behavior with tailored reports. Analyze conversation flow, pinpoint roadblocks, and optimize for seamless journeys. Connect & analyze effortlessly with built-in CRM tools, advanced filtering, and exportable data.

Build your own conversational experiences

Design, build, & launch chatbots that captivate & convert

Logic jumps and flows

Personalize conversation, directing users to specific questions and responses based on their previous choices.

Payment gateways

Easily integrate with your favorite payment gateways. Collect fees, donations, or sell directly within the conversation flow.

Identity verification

Enhance the security of the conversation, detect and push fraudsters out, and know who your customers are.

Conditional calculation

Automate calculations based on user choices, like discounts, fees or product recommendations. Use multiple variables, formulas and conditional logic.

White labeled

Incorporate brand identity and messaging into the conversation flow. Customize everything from the chatbot's appearance to its response language.

Analytics and reporting

Visualize insights with custom charts, tables, and boards without writing a single line of code. Easily filter responses, sort your data, and export your reports.

Integrate with your favorite tools or apps

Connect Formaloo to 3000+ tools such as Google, Slack, and more.

The secrets to good chatbot-building?

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Questions & answers

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our chatbot builder

What types of chatbots can I build with Formaloo?

You can create a wide variety of chatbots for diverse purposes with Formaloo. Build customer service bots to answer questions, resolve issues, and deflect tickets. Craft sales bots to qualify leads, promote products, and even collect payments. Design marketing bots to capture leads, nurture prospects, and distribute content. Formaloo empowers you to build bots for internal communication, employee training, education, and even entertainment.

Do I need any coding experience to use Formaloo?

Absolutely not! Our platform boasts a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, making it accessible even for non-technical users. No coding skills are required to build, customize, and launch your chatbot.

How much does Formaloo cost?

We offer a range of flexible pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets. Explore our website for detailed pricing information and choose the plan that best fits your requirements. We also offer a forever free version with the core features.

What kind of support do you offer?

We understand you might have questions or need assistance along the way. That's why we offer comprehensive support options, including detailed documentation, helpful tutorials, responsive support, and a thriving community where you can connect with other users and our team.

Is Formaloo free to use?

Formaloo has multiple packages to help teams of all sizes orchestrate their work. Our Free plan is available to teams for no charge to help you build your databases. The Free plan is free forever and is designed for small teams or those with lightweight needs. Our paid plans offer additional power and scale for teams as they grow and their needs get more complex.

Can I move/export my data?

Yes we offer various methods of exporting and integration your data anywhere you want. You can also delete or deactivate your own data and forms anytime you want.

Can I integrate Formaloo with my existing tools?

Yes! We offer seamless integrations with popular tools like CRMs, marketing platforms, email marketing services, help desks, and payment gateways. This allows you to streamline your workflow, centralize data, and avoid siloed information.

Is Formaloo GDPR compliance?

Short answer is YES. Please read our special GDPR FAQ right here.

Is my data safe?

Formaloo is famous for its security. We have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies, and policies to ensure your data is secure.

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