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Improve communication and collaboration in your teams with powerful tools that enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Reduction in app development & data analytics costs.
Faster project delivery
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An all-in-one solution for workplace productivity.
Annual savings from automation
Keeping teams of tens and thousands connected

Fuel teamwork and drive results.

Empower your team to achieve higher levels of collaboration with flexible tools to increase productivity and performance.

Flexibility for the entire enterprise

Leverage Formaloo's intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build secure, custom applications without writing a single line of code. No need for lengthy development cycles or expensive IT teams.
Business leaders can focus on what they do best – running their business – while Formaloo takes care of the technical complexities. Create custom workflows, automate approvals, and build internal tools that perfectly match your unique needs.

Boost ROI with AI-powered & data-driven decisions

Go beyond simple data collection. Let your business shine with Formaloo AI, making it easier than ever to analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and making data-driven decisions that directly impact your bottom line.
Imagine the power of understanding customer sentiment, employee satisfaction, or product feedback – all in one place and without any code!

Unmatched security & compliance

Enterprise-grade security is built into Formaloo's core. Your data is protected with industry-leading encryption standards and access controls.
Formaloo is compliant with major data privacy regulations, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your sensitive information remains secure.

High security and compliance standards

Secure your most valuable asset: Your customer data.

Data security

Formaloo will help you meet the technical requirements required for both GDPR & HIPPA guidelines.

Data centralize

Easy data centralization that gives you a single point of access to all your essential information.

Reliable infrastructure

Our platform is designed to provide a reliable and scalable solution for your needs.

Control system

Mitigate risk with seamless, centralized management of users, bases, and workspaces at scale.

Single sign-on

Securely integrate with your identity provider and enable users to log in with SSO.

Security compliance

We provide a full rundown of our risk and cybersecurity frameworks, as well as industry.

Connect your favorite tools with Formaloo

Improve your communication and collaboration by using powerful features & integrations to enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

What you’ll get with Formaloo Enterprise

Providing your team with flexible tools to increase productivity and performance. Empower your team to achieve higher levels of collaboration.

Data centralize

All of your data on your own servers (Self Hosted)

Unlimited tools per organization

Empower every team to find the perfect solution for their needs, without restrictions.

Dedicated success manager

We constantly maximize the value you receive with ongoing services like onboarding, training, and support.

SAML-based single sign-on

Securely integrate with your identity provider and enable users to log in with SSO.

Database encryption

Safeguard your sensitive information with industry-standard database encryption. Keep your data protected, even in a breach and focus on what matters most

Add-On Professional Services

As your needs evolve, we can guide you by designing, prototyping, and implementing additional solutions.

HIPAA compliance

Manage protected health information (PHI) securely with HIPAA compliance support.

Enterprise-grade surveys

Enjoy enterprise-grade surveys that leverage the power of AI to drive engagement and enhance data-driven decision making.

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Perfect & easiest solution to create custom CRM. Formaloo provides many templates to get started with various use cases. The customer support is excellent. They respond right away and answer all your questions. They even send you video responses to show you how to fix whatever issue you are having and even offer different solutions.

There are many many things that can be done with Formaloo. I like the idea of not be limited to something in specific. It helps me to make developments with no code.

Formaloo is a super flexible survey/app building tool that allows the easy creation of apps. In fact, what I like most are the templates - they really showed me new ways of how to make use of type of software!

What I like the most about Formaloo is that you can make custom forms. Formaloo is great for making forms and surveys and managing the collected data.

Ease of use, folders for projects, as easy to use for forms as Canva is for image editing. Forms are much easier to create in Formaloo, especially any forms that require advanced logic or payment, which are a pain to do in the other systems.

Formaloo is a great form & survey builder for agencies as each client can be given permissions/access for each individual form. Also, each form can have it's own CNAME! No other form builder that I know of has this feature. Not only that, but they have all the features I would expect from a form builder.

Just what I was looking for! I love Formaloo because it is Simple and easy to use. I use it  to survey my clients, to better understand them.

Easy to use form builder and survey maker. Formaloo is easy to use, customer support is responsive, and it has lots of templates. It's easy to integrate Formaloo forms and surveys on the website.

Formaloo is versatile in the ways it can be used. From a simple contact form all the way to an app with multiple results that interacts with other software in your business. It's easy to use and has a very quick way to get your forms and apps built. Many of the apps I created took under a day to build.

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‘‘Simplicity and the general UI/UX that this website offers for surveys. Much more attractive and more patronizable than G products. Formaloo provides better and more personalized surveys for our clients’’
Justin Watt, Director of Ops

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