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Ditch the guesswork. Make data-driven decisions that fuel growth with Formaloo's enterprise survey software. Build stronger relationships, all while safeguarding your data. Start today.

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Go beyond data collection.

Set your business apart by analyzing the meaning behind numbers. Formaloo's enterprise survey software empowers you to transcend data collection and gain actionable insights.

Turn data into decisions with AI-powered surveys

Formaloo goes beyond simple data collection. You can easily analyze your survey responses using Formaloo's built-in AI features. This eliminates the need for manual analysis, saving you time and resources. Formaloo's AI capabilities translate vast amounts of data into actionable insights you can use to inform marketing campaigns, improve employee satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions that fuel business growth.

Measure the impact: Quantify your surveys ROI

Formaloo isn't just about collecting data, it's about getting a return on your investment.  Leverage advanced reporting tools to track the impact of your surveys on key business metrics. See how customer feedback translates to increased sales, or how employee engagement surveys contribute to improved retention rates.

Safeguard your data with enterprise-grade security

Formaloo understands the importance of protecting your data. That's why Formaloo customers get robust security features that ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data. Formaloo utilizes industry-standard encryption protocols, single sign-on (SSO) integration, and access controls to keep your data safe. Formaloo is also compliant with major data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, giving you peace of mind when collecting information from customers and employees.
Business systems and analytics Director, City & County Healthcare Group
‘‘Formaloo is a top-notch customer engagement platform allowing the creation pleasing forms, quizzes, customer portals, and even CRM systems without requiring any coding expertise.

Built for your Enterprise. Tailored for your needs.

Secure your most valuable asset: Your customer data.

AI-powered surveys

Design impactful surveys, capture unbiased data, and unlock valuable insights with AI-driven analysis using Formaloo AI surveys.

Powerful data analysis

Handle big loads of data with ease using AI. Get live tables, charts, and boards that update instantly, making it super easy to understand your data and make smart decisions in no time.


Grow your business easily as your needs expand. Handle increasing amounts of data, users, or operations without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Security and compliance

Formaloo adheres to strict industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, to guarantee compliance and peace of mind for you and your users.

Single sign-on

Securely integrate with your identity provider and enable users to log in with SSO. Streamline your authentication process, saving time and reducing the hassle of managing multiple passwords.


Host Formaloo on your own infrastructure for maximum customization and security. Tailor Formaloo to your your business' specific security, compliance, and performance requirements.

Connect your business tools with Formaloo

Improve your communication and collaboration by using powerful features & integrations to enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Included in your Enterprise survey solution:

Providing your team with flexible tools to increase productivity and performance. Empower your team to achieve higher levels of collaboration.

On-premise (self-hosted)

Store and manage all of your data on your own servers for extra security and compliance.

Unlimited tools

Empower every team in your organization with the perfect tools for their needs, without restrictions.

Dedicated success manager

We constantly maximize the value you receive with ongoing services like onboarding, training, and support.

SAML-based single sign-on

Securely integrate with your identity provider and enable users to log in with SSO.

Database encryption

Safeguard your sensitive information with industry-standard database encryption. Keep your data protected, even in a breach and focus on what matters most

Add-on professional services

As your needs evolve, Formaloo's support team can help you with the design, prototyping, and implementing additional solutions.

HIPAA compliance

Manage protected health information (PHI) securely with HIPAA compliance support.

Included professional services

Enjoy dedicated assistance from our expert team, ready to answer your questions.

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Perfect & easiest solution to create custom CRM. Formaloo provides many templates to get started with various use cases. The customer support is excellent. They respond right away and answer all your questions. They even send you video responses to show you how to fix whatever issue you are having and even offer different solutions.

There are many many things that can be done with Formaloo. I like the idea of not be limited to something in specific. It helps me to make developments with no code.

Formaloo is a super flexible survey/app building tool that allows the easy creation of apps. In fact, what I like most are the templates - they really showed me new ways of how to make use of type of software!

What I like the most about Formaloo is that you can make custom forms. Formaloo is great for making forms and surveys and managing the collected data.

Ease of use, folders for projects, as easy to use for forms as Canva is for image editing. Forms are much easier to create in Formaloo, especially any forms that require advanced logic or payment, which are a pain to do in the other systems.

Formaloo is a great form & survey builder for agencies as each client can be given permissions/access for each individual form. Also, each form can have it's own CNAME! No other form builder that I know of has this feature. Not only that, but they have all the features I would expect from a form builder.

Just what I was looking for! I love Formaloo because it is Simple and easy to use. I use it  to survey my clients, to better understand them.

Easy to use form builder and survey maker. Formaloo is easy to use, customer support is responsive, and it has lots of templates. It's easy to integrate Formaloo forms and surveys on the website.

Formaloo is versatile in the ways it can be used. From a simple contact form all the way to an app with multiple results that interacts with other software in your business. It's easy to use and has a very quick way to get your forms and apps built. Many of the apps I created took under a day to build.

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H.Babini, Global Head of Marketplace Operations
‘‘As an enterprise customer, we're glad to use Formaloo for the courier onboarding process at Bolt. We actually use Formaloo for many other initiatives as well. The logic feature, custom validation, custom CSS, and especially custom domain made the onbaording process way smoother than before.’’

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