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Build amazing forms with our easy-to-use tool. Formaloo's intuitive design features will wow your audience and get you the results you deserve. More leads, more engagement, and more responses - all with stunning, user-friendly forms.

Craft stunning forms that captivate and convert

Stop wasting hours wrestling with complex form builders. Create high-converting forms in minutes. Simply drag and drop your desired fields, customize your questions, and publish. Focus on what matters most – capturing valuable leads and registrations – and watch your conversion rates soar.

Elevate your brand image with engaging forms

Don't let generic forms drag down your brand image. Captivate your audience with visually appealing and engaging forms that reflect your unique identity. Choose from a library of pre-designed templates, personalize with your colors and logo, and create forms that resonate with your audience.

Transform form responses into actionable insights

Visualize your data with customizable dashboards built using data blocks like tables, charts, galleries, and even Kanban boards. Understand what your audience is telling you, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your forms and achieve your business goals.

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Create functional forms with all the features you need to collect the right data, streamline workflows, and impress your users.

Drag-and-drop builder

Build professional forms in minutes, no coding needed. Our intuitive drag-and-drop builder empowers you to effortlessly create powerful forms. Simply drag and drop your desired fields onto the canvas, customize them to your liking, and hit publish.

30+ form fields

Formaloo offers a wide variety of question types to capture the exact information you need. From simple text fields to dropdowns, checkboxes, and even file uploads, you can easily mix and match to create the perfect form for any situation

Full customization

Customize every aspect of your forms with themes, colors, logos, and even domain names. Craft forms that seamlessly integrate with your brand identity and create a truly professional and engaging experience for your users.

Conditional logic

Make your forms smarter and more engaging with conditional logic. Show or hide questions based on previous answers, use multiple variables and formulas to calculate scores, and personalize the experience with answer piping.

Partial submission

Partial submission ensures you never lose a valuable lead. Capture data even when users don't finish the entire form – they can return later and pick up where they left off.  Improve user experience with flexibility and convenience.

Real-time reports

Get instant access to your data and see results as they come in with our real-time reporting feature. Choose from various data blocks like tables, charts, or Kanban and customize your dashboard to see the data that matters most to you.

Integrate with your favorite tools or apps

Connect Formaloo to 5,000+ tools like Google, Slack, and more.

The secrets to powerful forms?

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Questions & answers

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our form builder

Do I need any coding experience to use Formaloo?

No! Formaloo's drag-and-drop interface is designed for users of all technical backgrounds. Simply drag and drop form fields to build your form without writing a single line of code.

Does Formaloo offer any templates to get me started?

Absolutely! Formaloo provides a library of pre-built templates for common use cases, allowing you to kick-start your form creation process quickly and easily.

Can I customize the look and feel of my forms to match my brand?

Yes! Formaloo offers extensive customization options. You can choose from pre-designed themes, apply your brand colors and fonts, and upload your logo to create forms that reflect your unique brand identity.

You can also add your own domain name and create custom email notifications with your custom SMTP. It's fully customizable!

Does Formaloo integrate with other services?

Yes, Formaloo offers integrations with various services like CRM platforms, payment gateways, and email marketing tools, allowing you to streamline workflows and manage your data effectively.

Does Formaloo offer conditional logic?

Yes, Formaloo's powerful conditional logic feature allows you to create dynamic forms that change based on user responses. This can improve the user experience and ensure you collect the most relevant data.

Can users partially complete a form and come back to finish it later?

Yes, Formaloo allows users to save their progress and return to complete the form later using the partial submission feature. This ensures you don't lose valuable data from users who might be interrupted.

How can I share my forms?

Share your forms easily through various channels! Embed them on your website as Script, iFrame or chatbot, share links via social media, or distribute them via email.

How can I access and analyze the data collected through my forms?

Formaloo provides powerful reporting tools. You can create custom dashboards with drag-and-drop data blocks like tables, charts, galleries, and Kanban boards to visualize key metrics and gain valuable insights from your data.

Can I control who can access my forms and the data they collect?

Yes, Formaloo allows you to set access permissions for your forms. You can choose who can view, submit, and edit your forms.

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