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Formaloo Sales Suite is your one-stop shop for managing your entire sales funnel. Build your CRM, automate tasks, gain valuable sales insights, and close more deals with our user-friendly suite of tools.

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Today, Formaloo is used by over 25K+ businesses of all sizes.

Stop juggling tools. Streamline your sales process.

Imagine a world where your sales team has everything they need in one place. No more switching between multiple tools, no more struggling to keep track of leads and opportunities.

Targeted lead generation

Go beyond generic forms. Design high-converting forms and quizzes to attract qualified leads and personalize the user journey.
With Formaloo, you can create interactive experiences that capture the right information while keeping users engaged. Plus, conditional logic lets you tailor the experience based on their answers

Streamlined workflows

Automate repetitive tasks and free up time for strategic marketing initiatives.
Formaloo lets you automate lead scoring, qualification, and nurturing emails, freeing up your marketing team to focus on high-impact initiatives that drive growth.

Deeper customer insights

Gain a clear understanding of your audience with powerful data visualization tools and built-in AI features.
Formaloo's intuitive dashboards and AI-powered insights reveal what resonates with your audience.  See what content performs best, identify areas for improvement, and personalize your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Improved client satisfaction

Build stronger client relationships and boost client satisfaction with secure communication portals and personalized experiences.
Formaloo lets you create dedicated portals for secure file sharing, project updates, and personalized communication. This strengthens trust, improves collaboration, and keeps your clients happy.

Build your dream CRM. Exactly how you need it.

Turn website visitors into customers with targeted marketing campaigns and data-driven decision making.

Lead management

Create stunning applications with Formaloo's intuitive drag-and-drop builder. It's super easy to use, especially for non-technical professionals.

AI-Powered sales insights

Automate tasks and personalize interactions with the help of built-in artificial intelligence. Let AI handle the repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus on creative strategies.

Sales automation

Personalize the user experience by displaying relevant questions & content based on user responses. This keeps users engaged and ensures they see the information most relevant to them.

Pipeline visualization

Maintain brand consistency across all marketing efforts. Add your logo and domain name to forms and dashboards, ensuring a professional experience for your audience.

Team collaboration

Go beyond basic reports. Formaloo's advanced reports help you uncover hidden patterns among your customers' behavior and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Sales activity tracking

Keep your data safe with industry-leading security features and compliance certifications. Have peace of mind knowing your data is protected.

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Perfect & easiest solution to create custom CRM. Formaloo provides many templates to get started with various use cases. The customer support is excellent. They respond right away and answer all your questions. They even send you video responses to show you how to fix whatever issue you are having and even offer different solutions.

There are many many things that can be done with Formaloo. I like the idea of not be limited to something in specific. It helps me to make developments with no code.

Formaloo is a super flexible survey/app building tool that allows the easy creation of apps. In fact, what I like most are the templates - they really showed me new ways of how to make use of type of software!

What I like the most about Formaloo is that you can make custom forms. Formaloo is great for making forms and surveys and managing the collected data.

Ease of use, folders for projects, as easy to use for forms as Canva is for image editing. Forms are much easier to create in Formaloo, especially any forms that require advanced logic or payment, which are a pain to do in the other systems.

Formaloo is a great form & survey builder for agencies as each client can be given permissions/access for each individual form. Also, each form can have it's own CNAME! No other form builder that I know of has this feature. Not only that, but they have all the features I would expect from a form builder.

Just what I was looking for! I love Formaloo because it is Simple and easy to use. I use it  to survey my clients, to better understand them.

Easy to use form builder and survey maker. Formaloo is easy to use, customer support is responsive, and it has lots of templates. It's easy to integrate Formaloo forms and surveys on the website.

Formaloo is versatile in the ways it can be used. From a simple contact form all the way to an app with multiple results that interacts with other software in your business. It's easy to use and has a very quick way to get your forms and apps built. Many of the apps I created took under a day to build.

Simplicity and the general UI/UX that this website offers for surveys. Much more attractive and more patronizable than G products. Formaloo provides better and more personalized surveys for our clients
I like the clean interface, modern design and features rich of Formaloo. I can create simple but beautiful forms with it. The support team is also very responsive. Getting lead and potential clients' contact info, and also surveying for clients' feedback after the deal. With Formaloo I can send simple but beautiful forms to collect the data I want from my clients
Formaloo provides a complete set of powerful building blocks out of the box with a powerful relational database automatically connected to them! leaving competitors way behind with its very easy to use user-interface.
Ease of use, folders for projects, as easy to use for forms as Canva is for image editing. Forms are much easier to create in Formaloo, especially any forms that require advanced logic or payment, which are a pain to do in the other systems.
It's easy to create forms that look attractive and increases response rate. The reporting dashboard is a great plus to keep track of responses. Formaloo helps me to create forms that are easy to complete, and more importantly visually appealing to increase response.
Formaloo has a large library of form templates that makes it easy to get started with their platform. I've also used Formaloo to build out very complex assessment forms from scratch using advanced calculation logic and workflow. I'm really impressed with their continued development velocity.

Start fast with customizable templates

Save time and effort by using our expertly crafted survey templates for maximum response rates. Customize it, add your questions and start gathering valuable data.
Explore the templates

Supercharge your sales with powerful integrations

Formaloo integrates seamlessly with a wide range of marketing tools, including CRMs, email marketing platforms, and web analytics software.  This allows you to centralize your data and automate workflows for a more efficient marketing operation.

Resources to help you succeed

Explore the library of resources to help you get the most out of Formaloo.
See all
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Have questions? We've got answers.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Formaloo's marketing suite.

What kind of marketing applications can I build with Formaloo?

Formaloo marketing suite is a comprehensive platform that provides a wide range of tools to capture leads, nurture relationships, manage campaigns, and gain valuable insights. This includes features like lead capture forms, feedback surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, marketing automation, custom CRM, real-time reporting, and advanced market research capabilities.

How can Formaloo help me generate leads?

Formaloo provides the tools to design high-converting forms and quizzes that capture valuable lead data.  Conditional logic allows you to personalize the user experience, keeping them engaged and increasing conversions.

Does Formaloo integrate with my other marketing tools?

Yes! Formaloo integrates seamlessly with a wide range of marketing tools, including CRMs, email marketing platforms, and web analytics software. This allows you to connect your marketing efforts seamlessly with your existing workflows and centralize your data for better efficiency.

Can I brand my surveys and dashboards?

Absolutely! We believe your brand matters, so Formaloo lets you fully customize your survey appearance. Add your logo, choose colors and fonts, and create a seamless experience that reflects your unique identity.

How can Formaloo help me gain deeper customer insights?

Formaloo equips you with powerful data visualization tools and built-in AI features.  These tools uncover hidden trends in your data and provide actionable insights about your audience, allowing you to make data-driven marketing decisions.

What are the benefits of using Formaloo's Marketing Suite compared to other marketing platforms?

Formaloo Marketing Suite offers several advantages, including:

- All-in-one solution: Manage all your marketing activities from a single platform.
- Team collaboration: Work effectively with your team in a centralized platform.
- No-code functionality: Easy to use, even for users without coding experience.
- Customization: Tailor the platform to your specific needs and brand identity.
- Scalability: Grows with your business as your marketing needs evolve.
- Cost-effective: Eliminate the need for multiple marketing tools and subscriptions.

Does Formaloo offer any resources to help me get started?

Yes. Formaloo offers a comprehensive library of resources, including tutorials, live webinars, blog posts, tutorial videos, community, and a friendly support team to answer your questions and help you get the most out of the platform.

How do I analyze results?

See results instantly! Every formaloo comes with automatic charts and tables that update live as responses pour in. Get a quick overview of answer distributions, trends, and key metrics – no calculations needed.

Want to dive deeper? Create a custom dashboard with just a few clicks! Mix and match charts, tables, and even boards to explore your data from different angles. Filter and segment responses to analyze specific groups, customize visuals with your brand colors, and export data for further analysis.

Is Formaloo secure for storing my customer data?

Of course! We take data security very seriously. Our platform is built with robust security measures in place to protect your customer data. Please read our special GDPR FAQ right here.

Can I build secure internal portals for my team?

Absolutely! Create password-protected portals with controlled access for team collaboration, knowledge sharing, and streamlined internal processes.

Can I export results?

Sure thing! You can export your data in CSV & XLSX spreadsheet formats. You can also export only a selected portion of your database. You can filter and select what fields or which rows you want to be exported and create your custom segmented exports.

You want real-time updates? Sync your formaloo directly with Google Sheets. With the two-way-sync option your responses populate your Sheet instantly, eliminating manual data entry. Plus, any changes made in your Sheet (filtering, calculations) automatically reflect in your survey results.

Is there a free trial?

Formaloo has a forever free plan that allows you to create surveys, collect responses, and analyze basic data. Upgrade to paid plans for more features, team members, and advanced functionalities as you need them.

How do I get started with Formaloo?

Getting started with Formaloo is easy! Simply visit our website and sign up for a free account today. You'll be building powerful marketing applications in no time.

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