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Manage appointments, records, and staff collaboration. Empower patients with self-service portals and boost engagement with a digital-first approach - No code required

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Formaloo is loved by fortune 500 companies, and many more.

Build a secure Healthcare hub

Create a fully HIPAA-compliant environment with granular access control and customizable workflows. Build department-specific dashboards, define distinct visibility levels, and monitor activities ensuring sensitive data is only accessible to authorized personnel.

Automate your medical workflows

Minimize errors, streamline operations, and free your team to focus on high-value activities like patient care. Automate tasks like appointment scheduling, records, billing, and data analysis for improved efficiency, reduced costs, and improved patient experience.

Create a custom patient portal

Create a customizable patient portal in minutes with no code. Share medical information, schedule appointments, personalize content, and build engaging dashboards securely. Boost patient engagement, improve communication, and elevate your practice to a new level of connected care.

Create your healthcare management system

Schedule appointments, manage referrals, and track patient progress with ease using our intuitive tools

HIPAA compliance

Store and manage patient records with confidence. Protect their data with HIPAA-compliant features.

Real-time reports

Get real-time data, insightful charts, and customizable dashboards to understand patient needs on a deeper level.

Access management

Share, notify, and manage staff access based on their roles, ensuring everyone has the right information at the right time

Full branding

Design fully customizable medical surveys. Make it fully white-labeled with your logo, colors, fonts, and domain name.

Login & sign-up

Build custom portals with secure access, personalized premium content. Deliver custom care for a better patient experience.

Workflow automation

Automate workflows, seamlessly sync data across your systems, and optimize collaboration between your staff members.  

Integrate with your favorite tools or apps

Connect Formaloo to 3000+ tools such as Google, Slack, and more.
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Your running start.

Choose app and form templates from our 200+ selection. Customize it to match your brand's look and feel - tweak everything from colors to question types.
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Questions & answers

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Healthcare solutions

What types of healthcare tools can I build?

Craft diverse healthcare tools tailored to your needs! Build patient portals, appointment scheduling platforms, feedback & survey tools, and more! Streamline workflows, boost engagement, and empower patients.

Is technical expertise required?

Absolutely not! Our platform boasts a visual and user-friendly interface, making building powerful healthcare tools accessible to everyone, regardless of technical background. Drag, drop, and customize without coding.

Are data security and privacy top priorities?

Absolutely! We understand the sensitivity of healthcare data. We employ robust security measures and encryption to safeguard patient information. Compliance with healthcare data privacy regulations like HIPAA ensures responsible data handling.

Can I gather patient feedback and insights?

Yes! Develop surveys and feedback mechanisms to capture patient experiences and suggestions. Gain valuable insights to improve care delivery, identify areas for improvement, and enhance patient satisfaction. Get real-time customizable reports, visualize your data in charts, tables and boards, and collaborate with your medical staff securely with granular access control.

Is Formaloo free to use?

Formaloo has multiple packages to help teams of all sizes orchestrate their work. Our Free plan is available to teams for no charge to help you build your databases. The Free plan is free forever and is designed for small teams or those with lightweight needs. Our paid plans offer additional power and scale for teams as they grow and their needs get more complex.

Can I move/export my data?

Yes we offer various methods of exporting and integration your data anywhere you want. You can also delete or deactivate your own data and forms anytime you want.

Can I have all of my data in my own server and database?

Yes. With Formaloo Enterprise (Self-Hosted) you can have a full version of Formaloo on your own servers. Please contact us for more information on this part.

Is Formaloo GDPR compliance?

Short answer is YES. Please read our special GDPR FAQ right here.

Is my data safe?

Formaloo is famous for its security. We have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies, and policies to ensure your data is secure.

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