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Build powerful surveys & dashboards for your students, teachers, and parents. Ask the right questions, gather valuable data, and shape the future of education.

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Create custom student portals

Build a custom student portal tailored to your school's needs. Give your students access to personalized dashboards, real-time grades, & course materials instantly. Control access, add login & sign up feature, videos, audio, and lessons to boost engagement.

Create interactive quizzes & surveys

Craft engaging, customized quizzes and surveys that captivate students and deliver valuable insights. Go beyond basic multiple choice: integrate multimedia, calculations, and logic for diverse learning styles. Boost interactivity with real-time results and prevent cheating with shuffled questions.

Track student performance in real-time

Gain instant clarity with real-time performance tracking. See individual and class data come alive with dynamic charts, tables, and automatic calculations. Empower students with targeted support, boost engagement, and personalize learning paths. Effortlessly track tests, quizzes, participation, and more – all in one place.

Create your custom learning management system

Create engaging quizzes, track progress in real-time, and personalize learning with ease.

Logic & calculation

Craft quizzes with logic and calculations, from basic math to complex scenarios.

Access management

Set different access levels for teachers, students, administrators, and parents in your custom portal.

Live presentation

Engage your class with interactive live presentations for a dynamic learning experience.

Secure cloud storage

Provide flexible options to manage the access of your staff and students to the LMS data.

Answer sheets

Simplify the grading process by automaticaly calculating scores and instantly sharing answer keys.

Secure payments

Connect to your preferred payment method, sell online courses directly to students.

Integrate with your favorite tools or apps

Connect Formaloo to 3000+ tools such as Google, Slack, and more.
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Choose app and form templates from our 200+ selection. Customize it to match your brand's look and feel - tweak everything from colors to question types.
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Questions & answers

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our education solutions

What types of educational quizzes can I create with Formaloo?

Craft diverse quizzes for any subject or learning objective. From quick multiple-choice assessments to interactive games and in-depth essay prompts, Formaloo adapts to your needs. Create formative assessments, summative tests, practice quizzes, and even gamified learning experiences – the possibilities are endless!

Can I personalize quizzes for individual students?

Absolutely! Leverage features like branching logic to adjust questions based on student responses, creating personalized learning paths. Use variables to adapt quiz content based on student data, ensuring everyone gets the most out of the experience.

How can I grade and track student performance?

Formaloo automates grading for all question types using calculations and conditional logic. Access detailed reports with individual student scores, answer sheets, and performance insights, helping you identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Can I share quizzes with my students easily?

Yes! Share quizzes with a simple link or embed them directly in your learning management system. Students can access quizzes from any device, making learning flexible and convenient.

Can I move/export my data?

Yes we offer various methods of exporting and integration your data anywhere you want. You can also delete or deactivate your own data and forms anytime you want.

Can I have all of my data in my own server and database?

Yes. With Formaloo Enterprise (Self-Hosted) you can have a full version of Formaloo on your own servers. Please contact us for more information on this part.

Is my data safe?

Formaloo is famous for its security. We have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies, and policies to ensure your data is secure.

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