What's new in Formaloo - March 2023

What’s new in Formaloo – March 2023

Each month, we like to showcase some of the new features we’re adding to Formaloo to make our platform more accessible, intuitive, and powerful. Let’s head on to this month’s what’s new in Formaloo.

This month too, we’ve got so many improvements to share. Read on—or watch this short video for the breakdown 🥂

Forms’ modern view

Your forms now look much more beautiful and modern! They have all functionalities of the classic forms, including logic and calculations, plus they look better!

Check out this multi-step form as an example 👇 (You can find its template here)

Chatbot forms

The chatbot forms allow you to create automatic conversations with your audience. It’s a great way to generate leads and automate communication with your customers.

To embed the forms’ chatbot into your website, right-click your Formaloo and go to the “View code and Widgets” page. There you can copy the chatbot code and paste it into your website!

Decimal support for variables

The variable fields now support decimal values. In your editor, click the variable field and select the number of decimal places you want to have.

Forms’ two-way sync with Google Sheets

The two-way sync of forms with the Google Sheets feature helps you automatically update data in real time in both systems.

This way, any data submitted through a form is automatically added to a Google Sheet, and any changes made to the sheet are automatically reflected in the form’s rows.

Stripe subscription

Create your Stripe subscription in your Stripe panel and define it in your Formaloo payment methods. Then you can add a Product field to your formaloo and enable Stripe subscription in its properties.

Learn about payment methods in Formaloo and how you can easily connect a payment method to your form.

Tip of the month: How easy is creating forms in Notion pages

Learn how easy creating forms in Notion pages is with this step-by-step guide. Create advanced forms with Logic, Calculations, and Payment inside your Notion pages!

That’s it for this month’s “what’s new” review. As always, thanks for reading along. We’ll be back next month with even more new features to help you get the most out of your forms. Until then, happy Formaloo-ing!

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