create a web app without any code

How to create a web app without any code

You can now create web applications using Formaloo. While building powerful forms with Logic and Calculator, you can now connect and organize the data you collect there with Formaloo’s app builder.

Also, visualize your data using different views, and collaborate with your team on your collected data in a single workspace.

1. Create your formaloos

Your business has different data tables that store your crucial business information. For example, let’s say you have a data table to store your team members, one for your clients, and one for your projects.

You can either import your data tables from Excel Sheets or build them from scratch. Formaloo will create a separate formaloo for each of your Excel files.

business data tables example
Here’s an example of the data tables a business might have

Each formaloo has an advanced form connected to it so you can keep on collecting data in that data table. For example, your data table for all projects will have a form so that you can add a new project easily.

You can also connect these data tables together using the Lookup fields, advanced logic, referral URLs, and URL parameters.

What’s more, you can manage your team’s access levels to these formaloos easily.

2. Build your web app

Formaloo web app builder lets you mix and match forms, links, charts, tables, and many more view types. This gives you the power to connect your data tables together in a single app.

To create a web app, just click your formaloo. Edit the app and add menus. Inside each menu, you can add your forms, data tables, links, charts, etc.

Formaloo web app helps you be creative with your data, build customizable live presentation slides, and build tools that grow with your business and help your business grow as well.

With the Formaloo web app, you can visualize and manage all of your data in a single place. And you can even share them with your audience if you wish!

Formaloo web app builder
Build a web app now!

3. Embed your app into your website

You can embed your app in an iframe and put it on your website. Just replace the public link of your app in the following code and put the code on your website. You can find your app’s public link by clicking on the eye icon at the top left side of your app builder page.

<iframe onload="javascript:parent.scrollTo(0,0);" height="850" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" style="width:100%;border:none" id="formalooIframe" src="YOUR APP'S PUBLIC URL"></iframe>

Start with templates

There are ready-to-customize templates you can pick and edit for your preferences. Check out these for example:

Agency Talent Management Template

Project Tracker App Template

Content Calendar Template

So this is how you can start building web apps with Formaloo. Start collecting, organizing, collaborating, and understanding your data right now!

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Getting started is easy

Start organizing your data with Formaloo.