What’s new in Formaloo – January 2024

We are happy to kick off the new year by introducing a range of updates that will transform the way you build applications. These enhancements will provide you with a remarkable app-building experience, so get ready for an exciting journey!

Among the upgrades, you can expect faster loading times and dynamic logic implementation. Formaloo will take you on a journey of endless possibilities. 

Let’s take a closer look at these updates that will redefine your app creation process! 🚀✨

But before we jump into the updates, take a moment to enjoy a quick video rundown of the updates.

Faster loading and smoother editing

We have made considerable enhancements to the loading and saving speed of our applications, enabling you to accomplish your tasks with even greater efficiency than before.

All supported fields are now operational

Say goodbye to limitations! We’ve made every supported field in the new form editor fully operational. From basic text fields to cool rating scales, you’ve got the full arsenal to capture and organize your data. Let your creativity run wild with more adaptable and dynamic forms!

New form editor fields support - Formaloo 3.0

Content format and style corrections

No more content display headaches! We’ve fixed format and style inconsistencies to ensure your app looks exactly how you want it on any device. Get ready to engage your users with a visually consistent experience.

Content format and style corrections in What's new in Formaloo – January 2024

Data export enhancements

Exporting and managing data for the Table, Kanban, and Gallery blocks just got a major upgrade! 

Now you can export only a selected portion of your database. You can filter and select what fields or which rows you want to be exported and create your custom segmented exports as you wish.

You also have two export options:

  • New Export: Perfect for tracking different versions or frequent exports.
  • Download Latest Export: Grab the most recent data without the export process hassle.

And for those massive datasets, we’ve got you covered – Formaloo will send the exported data straight to your email for easy access!

Data export enhancements - what's new 2024

Conditional logic implementation

We published the logic feature in our new form editor. You can now create forms and apps that are more intuitive and interactive than ever before.

You can add conditions and create logical jumps based on the values of the fields, which means that you can design forms that respond to user input in real time. This allows you to build more engaging and user-friendly surveys, improving the user experience. 

The editor provides you with a range of options to customize your forms, such as the ability to add conditional logic to your fields, set up calculations, and even assign custom actions based on user input. 

This gives you complete control over the user flow and allows you to create forms that are tailored to your specific needs.

Conditional logic implementation

And there you have it, concluding another key moment in our ongoing journey of evolution! Your dedicated support and active involvement have been the driving forces behind our quest for continuous improvement, and for that, we express our sincere appreciation. 💜

As we bring the curtain down on these transformative updates, we’re already looking ahead to what the future holds. Brace yourselves for a year filled with innovation and improvement, where Formaloo will continue to be your reliable ally in form and app creation.

Stay tuned for what lies ahead as we remain committed to delivering features that boost your experience. 

In the meantime, explore the newly released capabilities of Formaloo and make the most of every tool at your disposal.

Here’s to an empowered, efficient, and exciting journey ahead with Formaloo in 2024!

Happy Formaloo-ing! 🥂

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