What’s new in Formaloo – December 2023

As we come to the end of an incredible year and the holiday spirit fills the air, we’re happy to share the latest updates on our ever-evolving platform. Just like the passing seasons, Formaloo persists in adapting and improving to offer you the very best tools and features.


As we come to the end of an incredible year and the holiday spirit fills the air, we’re happy to share the latest updates on our ever-evolving platform. Just like the passing seasons, Formaloo persists in adapting and improving to offer you the very best tools and features.

So, let’s celebrate the year’s end together and unwrap the exciting updates we have in store for you this December. 🎉✨

But before we jump into the festivities, take a moment to enjoy a quick video rundown of the updates.

Formaloo App Store: Your central hub for integrations and custom apps

Say goodbye to scattered integrations and custom modules. The Formaloo App Store is now the centralized space for all your favorite tools, integrations, and custom modules. Easily monitor, add, and manage everything in one consolidated hub, improving your workflow efficiency.

Formaloo app store - Integration page

Membership Portal 2.0: Elevating user access and experience

Membership Portal 2.0 introduces 10 new access levels and the ability to build membership websites. You can make customer portals with personalized dashboards for each user, depending on their authentication, access, and data.

Import your existing customers, users, and audience into your membership portals for an exhaustive user experience.

Membership Portal 2.0 new features

Formaloo AI Beta: A glimpse into the future of data interaction

The Formaloo AI Beta has been released for our Enterprise customers showcasing impressive results.

In January, we will introduce advanced Artificial Intelligence features. These features will change how you work with data. They will give you better insights and improve your workflow.

Multiple file upload field

We are happy to announce the addition of the multiple file upload feature. Now, you can accept multiple files in one field, set rules on the number of files, and specify acceptable file extensions.

Exercise complete control over the files your forms accept, supporting various formats like PNG, PDF, and docx.

Multiple file upload field

URL parameter support in Script tags

You can now use URL parameters. It doesn’t matter if your form is on your website or not. You can also use URL parameters with a custom domain. Enjoy improved flexibility and integration capabilities with this new update.

New Editor update: Customization at your fingertips

In the new Editor, you can move and reposition pages, menus, and items as you wish. Experience a new level of customization that allows you to tailor your applications and forms to meet your specific needs.

New Editor update: Customization at your fingertips

Form Builder 2.0 in Public Beta: A unified platform for App and Form creation

Explore the all-new form builder 2.0, now in public beta and seamlessly integrated into the new Editor. Build apps and forms in one single place, simplifying your development process.

Form Builder 2.0

New PayPal integration: Secure transactions, more features, more countries

We’ve added PayPal to the Formaloo App Store, concluded with additional features, and expanded support for more countries.

Refer a Friend program: Earn as you share the Formaloo experience

Introducing the Refer a Friend program! Invite your friends to Formaloo and earn a 25% monthly recurring commission for every person who upgrades their plan through your affiliate link.

Explore the “Get Paid” page under your profile to find your dedicated invite link.

Refer a Friend program

New in the language of Love: Content and tutorials in French!

Pour nos amis francophones, we’ve got some exciting news! Brace yourselves for fresh content and tutorials in French, because we believe in spreading the love (and knowledge) in the language of romance. C’est Magnifique!

Join the party at the Formaloo community!

Drumroll, please! We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new community. Dive into the Formaloo experience like never before by joining the vibrant discussions, sharing insights, and connecting with fellow Formaloo enthusiasts at Your community, your rules!

Future features teaser: Repeating section field and magic link on the portal

Formaloo is preparing to introduce the Repeating Section Field, which makes it easier to input recurring data. This field will help you input a set of data fields once, and then replicate that same set as many times as needed.

Whether you’re gathering information on multiple addresses, various contacts, or any other recurring data points, the Repeating section field simplifies the process by eliminating the need to manually duplicate sets of fields.

Get ready for the Magic Link on the portal. Users can easily access the portal with a special link, no sign-up is required.

And there you have it, wrapping up the final chapter of the year in our “What’s New in Formaloo!” series! Your unwavering support and active engagement have been the driving forces propelling our innovation forward, and for that, we extend our genuine gratitude 💜.

As we bid farewell to this incredible year and step into the festive season, we’re gearing up for an exciting December. Anticipate exciting features and updates that promise to promote your Formaloo experience to exceptional heights.

In the meantime, seize the incredible benefits Formaloo has to offer and relish every moment of your journey through our platform.

Happy Formaloo-ing! 🥂

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What’s new in Formaloo – December 2023