How to automate lead management with Formaloo and Zapier

Lead management may be challenging and labor-intensive, requiring a lot of time and resources. Automation of lead management happens there!


Lead management may be challenging and labor-intensive, requiring a lot of time and resources.

Automation of lead management happens there!

Automating repetitive operations using software tools is known as lead management automation.

You may save time and money while enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of your lead management processes through task automation like lead capturing, lead scoring, and lead nurturing.

What is lead generation automation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers to your business and converting them into leads.

Forms are the most effective tool for facilitating this conversion. As a result, many lead generation strategies are available, including content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing.

To turn this traffic into actual leads, you ultimately need a form, quiz, or survey. Forms let you turn website traffic into leads.

They can provide their contact information using contact forms so you can get in touch with them and they can express interest in your products or services.

Lead generation form - Formaloo

Lead gen forms offer valuable content like ebooks or white papers in exchange for contact information. Exit Intent pop-ups appear when visitors are about to leave your website and offer incentives in return for their contact information.

Interactive quizzes engage visitors and provide personalized recommendations based on their responses, utilizing powerful logic formulas.

Surveys help gather feedback, while free trial demos can be offered in exchange for contact information. Newsletter sign-ups are another means of gathering contact information.

Once a form is filled, automation tools are needed to launch email campaigns and nurture leads through the sales funnel.

Watch the full webinar in the video below:

Create your custom forms, surveys, and quizzes

Create stunning forms, access-controlled databases, and programmable corporate apps all in one place with Formaloo!

Formaloo is an effective no-code platform for collaboration that enables businesses to build unique internal tools, business applications, and consumer interaction solutions.

With the use of Formaloo’s drag-and-drop tools, businesses can create software rapidly and without coding.

You can create lead generation forms, customer satisfaction surveys, and interactive quizzes with logic.

Formaloo and Zapier can help you streamline your lead management processes, improve your lead qualification, and drive more sales.

About Zapier

Zapier is an automation platform that helps you move data from one app to another.

Many companies use various web apps that cannot often connect and transfer data seamlessly. While some tools may have built-in integrations with other products, they often lack the specific integrations needed.

In such cases, hiring a developer to write custom code becomes necessary to facilitate data transfer. That is where Zapier comes in, offering solutions to bridge the gap between different platforms without the need for coding expertise.

How does Zapier enhance lead gen?

  • Speed to lead: It’s how quickly you can engage your generated leads. Automation shortens the time frame between lead qualification and conversion.
  • Ensure data accuracy: Decrease human errors.
  • Increased efficiency: Reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks.
  • Personalize at a scale: Automatically include pieces of data to make your communication more personalized.

Build your lead management workflow with Formaloo and Zapier

Before looking at some examples of what you can do connecting Formaloo and Zapier, let’s learn some terminology:

  • Zap: The automated workflow you set up between your apps
  • Trigger: The event that starts your Zap.
  • Actions: The events that happen after your trigger

You can have as many actions as you need under one

workflow. Sometimes, it makes sense to split up your workflow or you need a different trigger because you need different data.

For instance, whenever you get a new lead through your formaloo, you can set up multiple actions. You can let your sales team know in Slack and send them the information you gathered.

Then, you can add these leads to your email list on MailChimp to send them any further communication about sales.

With Zapier, you can also set up more custom workflows using conditional branching. This way, you can create multiple segments and take different actions based on the responses you got on your forms.

Learn more about how to automate your marketing processes with Formaloo and Zapier.

The best practices for creating your lead management system and sales pipeline

Interaction with customers starts when they are not even on your website yet. It’s when they start looking for your product via search, videos, and social media.

Adding a chatbot to your website can increase your conversion rates. People are more inclined to interact with your business through a chatbot. It’s an interactive tool that helps your prospects build trust and share their contact information with you easily.

You can create custom chatbots with Formaloo. With partial submits and logic-based workflows, chatbots may help you increase engagement, customize interactions with your target audience, and recover lost leads.

Learn more about how to customize your chatbot using Formaloo.

1- Create custom forms

Standard and simple lead gen forms have very low conversion rates. Keep in mind that every prospect has a different need and different expectations from your business.

Using Formaloo, you can customize your forms and chatbots to improve your users’ experience. You can create advanced and smart systems inside your forms with conditional logic.

Logic helps you show only relevant questions to your leads. With a few generic questions, you can guide them through a specific path where they find the answers to their questions.

Logic based questions

For example, if your prospects are looking for more information about your product, you can show them videos or pictures of it. If they want to book a demo, you can show them a calendar to pick a suitable date.

You can also use multiple success pages and redirect them to web pages based on their previous answers.

2- Build your own custom CRM

After collecting information from your prospects, it is important to start your lead management process.

Custom CRMs are a great tool for managing leads and walking them through your sales funnel.

You can create your custom CRM with Formaloo. Start from scratch or use one of our ready-made templates.

You can build tables, charts, and boards to organize the data you collected from your form.

You can use the Kanban board to categorize your types of leads based on their status and build your sales pipeline.

Lead management made easy with Formaloo Kanban boards

Once your sales pipeline is ready and you know which leads are qualified, you can start building your marketing automation system.

3- Create automated marketing campaigns

With Formaloo, you can send custom follow-up emails to each of your leads. You can set up its specific email template and date.

Create a full marketing information system in platforms like Hubspot
MailChimp, SendinBlue, Twilio, and more. You can connect these tools to Formaloo via direct integration or using Zapier.

You can also do the automation backward. For example, if a lead clicks on the link in your email, you can automatically send this information back to Formaloo.

Learn more about how to integrate Formaloo into 5,000+ apps using Zapier.

Organize your lead management processes in one place

Using Formaloo and Zapier will help you automate your marketing and sales processes, organize your leads and manage your KPIs, all in one place.

Create a full marketing information system with modern marketing platforms like Hubspot, MailChimp, SendinBlue, Twilio, and more. You can connect these tools to Formaloo using Zapier.

Build your own dashboards and connect your favorite tools to improve your customer and employee experience.

Additionally, you can collaborate with your team members and manage their access levels in your Formaloo workspace.

To test it yourself, sign-up for Formaloo for free and start creating your custom automated processes.

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How to automate lead management with Formaloo and Zapier