Boost your operations with approval forms and workflows

Think about all the tasks your team has achieved – projects finished, goals reached, and the daily assignments that keep the wheels turning. None of it would be possible without managers and leaders approving at every step.


Think about all the tasks your team has achieved – projects finished, goals reached, and the daily assignments that keep the wheels turning. None of it would be possible without managers and leaders approving at every step.

At some point, someone had to say ‘yes’ to a new idea, a piece of content, or a payment, ensuring things moved ahead smoothly. That’s where approval workflows come in, making businesses faster and smoother.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the power of approval forms and workflows and how they can redefine how your organization operates.

Understanding approval forms and workflows

An approval form is a digital or paper-based document used to request and receive approval for various business processes, decisions, or activities.

These forms standardize the information required for approval requests and facilitate a systematic approach to decision-making. Approval forms cover many scenarios, including project proposals, expense requests, leave applications, and employee onboarding.

Organizations can simplify approval processes using approval forms to capture all necessary details and ensure transparency.

In the context of approval processes, workflows refer to the automated sequences of actions that occur after an approval form is submitted. These sequences prescribe the steps individuals need to take, outline the involved parties, and specify the order in which tasks must be completed.

Workflow automation accelerates decision-making, reduces manual intervention, and enhances accountability by creating a systematic path for approvals.

Why do you need approval forms?

Approval forms offer numerous benefits to organizations, simplifying processes and improving overall efficiency. Here are some key advantages:

  • Standardization: Approval forms standardize request format, reducing ambiguity for decision-makers.
  • Clarity and accuracy: These forms require individuals to provide specific details, reducing the likelihood of incomplete or inaccurate information.
  • Centralized communication: Instead of relying on scattered emails or physical documents, approval forms offer a centralized hub for submitting and managing requests.
  • Time efficiency: The structured format and predefined fields in approval forms make the submission and review process faster.
  • Workflow integration: Modern approval forms often connect to workflows, automating the progression of requests through predefined stages.
  • Customization: Organizations can adapt approval forms to suit different processes, such as project approvals, expense requests, leave applications, etc.
  • Audit trail: The documented history of approval actions serves as an audit trail, which is beneficial for compliance and record-keeping purposes, allowing organizations to track and review past approvals when needed.

Formaloo: the best solution to create approval forms

Formaloo stands out as the best solution, offering a comprehensive set of features that cater to the diverse needs of organizations. Let’s delve into why Formaloo is the top choice for creating approval forms and explore how each key feature improves the overall approval process.

1- Customization for every need

Formaloo’s form builder provides outstanding customization options, allowing organizations to adapt approval forms to their unique needs.

For instance, a marketing team seeking approval for a new campaign can customize a form to include specific fields like target audience demographics, budget allocation, and expected outcomes. You can use URL parameters to track the campaign or prefill a user field.

Formaloo provides full customization options for the form’s look. You can add logos, change colors and backgrounds, and customize the domain to match your brand.

2- Dynamic forms with conditional logic

Formaloo empowers users to create truly dynamic approval forms by incorporating advanced conditional logic that adapts the flow based on previous answers. For example, imagine a travel expense approval form where employees request reimbursement for different expense types.

Using Formaloo’s advanced logic, if an employee selects “Accommodation” as the expense type, a set of follow-up questions specific to accommodation expenses can dynamically appear, tailoring the form to the nature of the request.

This advanced logic extends beyond simple conditional statements. For instance, if a team member indicates a project budget exceeding a certain threshold, Formaloo’s conditional logic can automatically trigger additional approval stages, redirecting the form to higher management for further scrutiny.

3- Automated notifications

When a form is submitted, Formaloo can automatically send email notifications to the submitter and designated managers or approvers. This simplified communication process keeps everyone involved in the loop and significantly reduces the chances of delays in decision-making.

Moreover, Formaloo’s seamless integration with Zapier takes automated notifications to the next level. Users can integrate Formaloo with other tools and applications using Zapier, creating sophisticated automated workflows and triggers.

This integration allows for the customization of notification processes, enabling stakeholders to receive notifications through various channels or even trigger actions in other applications based on the status of the approval form.

4- Role-based access management

Formaloo goes beyond standard security measures by offering robust role-based access control on forms and apps. This feature ensures that organizations have control over who can access, modify, approve, or deny information within the approval workflow.

In the context of approval forms, consider a scenario where a marketing team uses Formaloo for campaign approval. Different stakeholders, such as copywriters, designers, and campaign managers, play distinct roles in the approval process. Formaloo’s access management allows the form creator to assign different access levels to these roles.

With different access levels assigned to each role, Formaloo’s access management improves data security and fosters improved team collaboration.

access management for approval forms

5- Analytics tools

Formaloo stands out with its comprehensive analytics tools that offer advanced tables and charts, providing organizations with deep insights into form submissions and workflow efficiency.

Formaloo takes analytics a step further by providing Kanban boards. These boards are useful for visualizing and organizing approval workflows.

Imagine a content approval workflow where different pieces of content move through stages such as “Draft,” “Review,” and “Approved.” The Kanban board visually represents each content piece, its current stage, and who is responsible for the approval at each step.

This visual representation simplifies workflow management and offers a quick overview of the status of each approval task.

Create custom approval forms and workflows

In a nutshell, Formaloo stands out as the go-to solution for crafting approval forms. Tailored to dynamic workflows, it offers customization and security through advanced access control and insightful analytics tools, including charts and Kanban boards.

Formaloo prioritizes data security with encryption, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information. The platform’s commitment to efficiency extends to a template library and seamless integration with other tools through Zapier.

Simplify your approval processes, make informed decisions promptly, and elevate your workflow with Formaloo.

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Boost your operations with approval forms and workflows