How to add an electronic signature to Google Forms

In online business, a signature is as important as a good handshake for sealing the deal. For businesses, big or small, operating in the digital world, the ability to sign digital documents can be a game-changer.


In online business, a signature is as important as a good handshake for sealing the deal. For businesses, big or small, operating in the digital world, the ability to sign digital documents can be a game-changer.

If you’re having trouble using Google Forms for online signatures or release forms, you might feel stuck. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

Google Forms doesn’t have a built-in signature solution, so we’ll need a clever workaround to get those signatures flowing. Let’s dive into the solution and make your Google Forms the go-to spot for sealing the digital deal.

Is it possible to add an e-signature in Google Forms?

Google Forms doesn’t have the option to add an e-signature. There’s not currently any native way to add a signature field in your forms. But there are a few workarounds for signing documents on Google Forms.

You can install add-ons or signature software to make it work. You should know that the e-signature add-on won’t make your e-signatures legally binding. It can work for less formal occasions, like a quotation form or a simple employee feedback survey.

The best workarounds to add an e-signature to your Google Forms

Here are a few of the simple ways to add an online signature to your Google Form.

1- Install a signature add-on

  • Go to Google Forms and open the form to which you want to add electronic signatures.
  • In the toolbar, click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the screen and select “Get Add-ons.
  • Search for “Signature” on the Google Workspace Marketplace and choose one of the available add-ons. Click the signature add-on, then click “Install.”
  • After installation, the add-on may require authorization to access your Google Forms. Follow the prompts to grant the necessary permissions.
  • Next, you can start adding your e-signature fields. To do this, select the puzzle piece icon from the top of the page and open the Signature add-on.
  • Follow the instructions the add-on gives you to start receiving signatures.
  • Preview your form, test it, and send it to your users.
Install e-signature add-on on your Google Form

2- Use electronic signature software

Dedicated electronic signature software is safer and legally accepted for creating electronic signatures on legal documents. This includes Google Forms. It is a better option compared to certain add-ons.

  • Choose an electronic signature software such as DocuSign or Adobe Sign and sign up for an account.
  • Create or upload your document, adding signature fields where needed.
  • Specify recipients by providing their email addresses and send the document for signature.
  • Recipients will receive notifications to sign, and once you collect all signatures, review the final document. Optionally, some platforms integrate with Google Forms for seamless use.

Pro tip: Be mindful of regional electronic signature laws, ensuring your chosen solution complies with local regulations. Electronic signature platforms typically offer detailed guides to assist in the process.

3- Add an image field to upload a signature

For more simple agreement forms, you can make a simple workaround by adding an image field to your form.

Your users can then upload an image of their signature in that field. You can also add a text field where they type their initials.

Upload an image of users signatures

Alternatives to Google Forms for Signature

Google Forms might not be the best idea if you need legally binding e-signatures on your online forms. Consider investing in popular e-signature software like DocuSign, Acrobat Sign, or PandaDoc to better match your goals.

Another reason to search for a better alternative is that Google Forms is very limited in the customization options. It has minimal design, features, and pre-made template options.

For contracts and agreements, it’s better to have more custom forms with custom domains to match your business.

Formaloo is a great option to use. It has more advanced features and a signature field that you can use for your docs. It’s also easy to integrate your favorite signature software using Zapier.

Let’s take a closer look at how to add an e-signature with Formaloo.

How to add a signature to Formaloo forms

Similar to Google Forms, Formaloo provides a user-friendly, simple, and code-free environment. However, Formaloo differentiates itself by providing many additional features, extensive integration options, and advanced customization tools.

Formaloo is a great option for businesses that want a flexible and personalized solution for creating forms and collecting electronic signatures.

signature field in Formaloo

Using Formaloo, you can do much more than just an agreement.

You can create approval forms, agreements, and sales contracts using a simple drag-and-drop.

Formaloo has a built-in signature field to add to your forms and share with your customers and partners.

You can set up a custom domain and emails to match your brand.

Once you share your form, you can collect all the responses in one place. You can create tables, charts, and boards to visualize the data and share it with your team. Formaloo gives you the option to control the access management of your forms.

Google Forms is good for basic forms and data collection, but for more complex tasks, consider using Formaloo. It’s like a super tool that makes getting important e-signatures easy. With Formaloo, you have all the right tools to collect legally binding signatures, saving your organization time, money, and stress.

Start going paperless with electronic signature tools.

In summary, Formaloo is a great option for improving your online form experience, compared to simpler options like Google Forms.

Formaloo offers a user-friendly interface similar to Google Forms, with advanced customization tools and robust integration options.

This platform makes collecting signatures easier and more powerful, adapting to your business’ different needs.

Formaloo is more than just a form builder—it’s a dynamic solution designed to save time, money, and stress. So, why settle for basic when you can soar to new heights with the advanced capabilities of Formaloo? Upgrade your form-building journey today and experience the efficiency and flexibility that Formaloo brings to the table.

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How to add an electronic signature to Google Forms