How to create an estimate form with no code

How to create an estimate form with calculation

Have you ever wondered how people propose the estimated cost of a project or service? That’s where an estimate form comes in!

It’s a tool that breaks down the different elements of a project and gives you an approximate cost for each one. It’s used in various industries, from building homes to designing websites. Estimate forms help you and clients agree on project scope and cost. Plus, with automation, it’s easier to create accurate and consistent estimate forms updated in a snap.

For example, as a service provider, a professional job estimate is crucial to showcase your expertise and win over potential clients. A good estimate helps clients know what work you’ll do and how much it will cost. This makes them trust you more, no matter what job you have.

What is an estimate form?

An estimate form is a document that breaks down the various elements of a project or task. Then, it provides an approximate calculation of the time, cost, and resources needed to complete it.

It tells clients how much the project will cost and how long it will take. It also helps managers and team members plan and allocate resources effectively.

Give estimate forms to potential clients who inquire about your services. This will help them understand the cost and time frame of the job or service.

This document outlines the job’s details, including the services you’ll provide and deadlines for completing the work. It also includes a timeline of project benchmarks and cost estimates for materials and services.

By providing this information, the job estimate helps the client plan their project budget. A job estimate is just a guess based on what you know and what you’ve done before. Remember that.

While you may not have all the details initially, providing a ballpark estimate can still be helpful for both you and the client.

Read on to see how to create a job estimate form and embed it on your website.

The difference between job estimates, quotes, and invoices

Job estimates, quotes, and invoices are all essential documents used in business, mainly for providing services. While they are all related to the pricing of the services, they serve different goals and contain other data.
Let’s learn about the difference between them.

Job estimates

A job estimate is a document that outlines the potential costs of a project before it starts. It provides time and resources estimations needed to complete the job. In addition, it includes a breakdown of the materials, labor, and other costs that will be applied. A job estimate is not a final price; it helps clients understand what to expect.

Price quotes

A quote is a more legal document that provides a specific service price. It is based on the job estimate but includes a fixed price the client can rely on. A quote should show what services will be given and any extra costs like taxes or fees.


An invoice is a bill sent to the client after they’ve officially hired you for the project. It is a payment request and includes the final price of the job based on the agreed-upon quote. Invoices are often used for record-keeping purposes and can be proof of payment.

Now that we understand the difference between the three estimate forms let’s dive into how you can generate them without hassle.

Using Formaloo, you can easily create professional-looking estimates, quotes, and invoices, all in one place. Streamline your workflow with automatic calculations, conditional logic, and highly customizable forms without coding.

The benefits of automating your estimate forms

You can use a template and automate the calculations of your estimate form to save you time and eliminate the potential for human error.

By automating calculations, you can be sure that all the numbers are correct and consistent, which helps you avoid costly mistakes. You can also customize your estimate form to make it professional and consistent.

Furthermore, estimate forms are an excellent tool to generate more leads and attract people to your business. They allow potential customers to request pricing and service information from your business directly.

Giving accurate estimates builds trust with customers, boosting sales and loyalty.

Additionally, estimation forms collect contact information from potential customers. It allows you to easily follow up with interested individuals and convert them into paying customers.

Learn how to simplify your lead generation process using Formaloo and Zapier.

Formaloo offers a range of features that allow you to create custom forms and automate the calculations for your estimates.

With conditional logic, you can add statements to forms for better calculations and accurate results. Formula fields can calculate user inputs, saving time and avoiding mistakes. Further, the variable field allows you to store frequently used data, such as tax rates, and use them across multiple forms.

Let’s follow a step-by-step guide on creating an estimate form using Formaloo’s intuitive platform.

How to create an estimate form: The ultimate guide.

Creating an estimate form can be straightforward if you follow a few key steps. First, identify the scope of work to be completed and break it down into manageable components. Then, determine the materials, labor, and additional costs required for each piece and research prices to ensure an accurate estimate.

Now all you have to do is to organize these components into a professional-looking estimate form for your clients. And here is where we can help you create it in a few simple steps.

Costs calculator form template

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Product recommender quiz

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Order form with payment template

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1- Log in to your Formaloo dashboard

To start creating your estimate form, open your dashboard. Then, start a form from scratch or use our free estimate template and customize it to match your needs.
If you still have no Formaloo account, sign-up for free and start building forms, surveys, quizzes, and much more with no code.

Find the estimate form template and much more in Formaloo

2- Set up your formaloo’s fields and logic

Create the fields you want to include with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Then, add the questions you should ask your clients to estimate the service total cost.

In our template, we added various types of fields such as “text,” “email,” and “phone number” to collect clients’ personal information. Then, we included a few “number” fields asking for additional details about the required service.

We added a “number” field for customers to tell us how many employees they need when asking for employee count. We can add all the extra charges to the total price.

To calculate the total price, open the “Logic” tab and set up a fee for each type of service. Then create your conditions.

For example: If the “type of service” is “Cleaning,” then “add 15” to the “price” variable field.

Add a “section” field to the end of your form and use the answer piping feature to display the total price.

All you have to do is to put {{price}} in the description of your “section” field, and it will automatically display the calculated price.

3- Add your payment method

Your form can now calculate the final price of your service and accept payment directly.

Firstly, enable the “Form with payment” option from your form editor’s “Settings” tab.

Then, go to the “Calculator” tab to choose your currency.

Now, to create a new payment method, click on the profile icon at the top menu of your dashboard. Then select “Payment methods” and choose your payment gateway. Finally, go back to the formaloo editor and select the payment method you just created on the “setting” tab.

Learn more about how to connect your payment method to your formaloo.

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Boost your customer acquisition with a customizable estimate form

Creating an estimate form is crucial in simplifying your business operations and increasing your chances of generating more leads.

You can create a professional-looking job estimate form by following the steps outlined above. It helps you capture all the necessary information from potential customers and automatically calculate your cost.

Additionally, embedding the form on your website or converting it into a chatbot can enhance the user experience.

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