application tracking code on form

How to provide an application tracking code on my forms

Application tracking codes help your audience and you track the submitted data on your forms. In this tutorial, you’ll see how you can provide an application tracking code to your audience on your forms.

With this feature, both you and your audience can track their application or request easily.

Enable the tracking code

Open your Formaloo dashboard and edit your formaloo and click on the settings tab. There, you can enable the “Show tracking code after submitting the form” option.

enable showing tracking code after submitting the form

Start providing an application tracking code for each submit on your form

You’re done setting up your application tracking code! Now your audience will receive a code when they submit your form. When they send you the code, you can search it in your formaloo and review the application information. The tracking codes are unique on each form, so you can easily track them.

get tracking code on form submit

Ready-to-customize templates

We’ve prepared templates you can use for various booking and application use cases. You can pick any of them and customize them based on your requirements. You can also enable to show the application tracking code on them. Check them out!

πŸ“’ Appointment booking template

πŸ›’ Order form template

🎀 Event registration template

🎟 Support ticketing template

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Job application template

πŸŽ“ University application template

🎁 Free giveaway template

πŸ–₯ Virtual event registration template

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