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Create applications and custom forms

Streamline your organization’s data collection and management processes. Embed forms directly into your website or share via social media.

Create custom forms for donation collection, volunteer sign-up, and event registration. create applications to serve as a platform for supporters to engage with the organization.

Create a portal for your community

Provide a centralized platform for members to access resources, share information, and engage in discussion.

Build a sense of community, foster collaboration, increase participation, and promote fundraising campaigns and volunteer opportunities.

Automate your workflow

Create customized workflows that meet your specific needs quickly. Reduce costs, focus on strategic initiatives, and handle your team’s most important processes.

Maximize collaboration between teams and experience unmatched access to premium content, features, and benefits.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Connect Formaloo to 3000+ tools such as Google, Slack, and more. Keep everything in sync across your organization.

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Create your digital NGO

It’s fully responsive and can be used on any website, web service, and mobile app as well.

Tracking information in real-time

Tracking information in real-time

Stay up-to-date with the latest information. Monitor important data as it's happening and make quick decisions

Customizable donation and charity forms

Customizable donation and charity forms

Collect valuable donations, make it easy for supporters, and streamline your fundraising efforts.

Secure online payment

Secure online payment

Boost donations with a simple and secure online payment system, with a variety of secure and convenient payment options.

Event feedback and survey

Event feedback and survey

Get valuable feedback and insights with our customizable survey templates and improve attendee satisfaction.

Access management

Access management

Take control of your data access, set different levels of access you can give to each of your team members.

Online membership portal

Online membership portal

Create a free membership form and app, and customize it according to your needs. Speed up finding new members for your team.

How to use non-profit management software to keep it organized

Trusted by great companies

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Fred-Erik Piirmaa
Revolutionising recruitment - VideoCV

Formaloo provides a complete set of powerful building blocks out of the box with a powerful relational database automatically connected to them! leaving competetiros way behind with its very easy to use user-interface.

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Erik Wolf
Visionary & Founder of the Culinary Travel Trade Industry

Ease of use, folders for projects, as easy to use for forms as Canva is for image editing. The transition was extremely easy. Forms are much easier to create in Formaloo, especially any forms that require advanced logic or payment, which are a pain to do in the other systems.

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World Travel & Tourism Council

We used Formaloo to manage and invite for our annual international event and invite our audience from 190 countries and collect and analyzed data from thousands of users. Full integration of Formaloo with our services made it super easy for us to use it!

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Digital India

We are using Formaloo to build internal systems to automate our healthcare processes. Formaloo helps us to monitor our results easily and communicate with our team from anywhere. Highly recommended.

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Igor Pereira
Visiting Researcher at University of California, Berkeley

I love that the platform is so user-friendly and easy to use. I also love that I was able to easily create my own mobile apps for my course with Formaloo. The platform is also super secure and tracks all my data analytics. Formaloo is a platform I can trust to help me create engaging content for my course.

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Sean Williams
Managing Director, SKN BioPharma

Very easy to use and the logic setup is quick compared to other form builders. It's easy to use and has all the features I need and more.

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University of Michigan

We've been using Formaloo for more than a year to organize our logistics needs. The access management features of Formaloo helped us a lot to not only manage our team and inventories but also not to worry about ex-team members and unauthorized accesses.

Manage your NGO portal in one place

Create costomized portals and forms, automate your workflow, personalise your charity and donation forms and use secure online payment tools.

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