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Nonprofit Management Essentials

We have already built the essentials of nonprofit management software, so you can just install and alter them to suit your needs.

1. Apply

Sign up at Formaloo and then send an email to info [@] to apply for our 50% discount.

2. Decision

It usually takes 3-5 business days to review your application. Once your organization is approved, you will receive a unique, single-use discount code to upgrade your plan to Pro.

3. Upgrade

Upgrade your plan to Pro from your Formaloo dashboard. Use the discount code during the checkout process. This will immediately take half off the cost.

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Build your solution yourself, or use one of our pre-built apps

Track your donors, sponsors, and volunteers in one place

Be in multiple events at once with mobile updates and notifications

Take advantage of our special pricing for non-profits

Bring all the data you need into one place

Integrate with existing tools, add apps to gain valuable insights, and write your own scripts to further customize your workflow.

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Everything you need, packed into eight powerful, readymade education management apps. Take your pick from our expertly crafted suite of education software.

Nonprofit Fundraising

keep track of individual donations and foundation/corporate fundraising with your team

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Volunteer Registration

Make it easier for your volunteers to help.

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Education Management

Team Plan Tracking

Collaborate with your team and keep track of their plans.

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Event Registration

Let your audience register to attend the event in the smoothest way.

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Application Management

Get to know your audience before giving them the link to buy tickets.

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Feedback survey

Receive feedback and analyze the results to grow faster.

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Program Management

Your secret weapon to make every program a success.

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Speaker nomination

Let your audience nominate speakers for your events.

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