9 Best generative AI app builders 2024

This comprehensive guide explores the 9 best AI generative app builders in 2024, considers key factors for choosing the right one, and showcases success stories.


The world of app development is undergoing a revolution. Gone are the days when complex coding skills were the sole entry point. Today, a new type of tools called Generative AI App Builders is making it easier for more people to create apps. This is democratizing the process of app creation.

Generative AI leverages artificial intelligence to automate tasks and generate creative content. These tools help users create apps without having to write any code.

This allows entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals without coding experience to turn their ideas into reality.

But the benefits extend far beyond accessibility. Generative AI app builders facilitate the development process, often offering drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-built components. This translates to faster development times and lower costs compared to traditional coding methods.

Additionally, these tools can adapt to evolving project requirements, ensuring your app remains relevant as your needs change.

The landscape of generative AI app builders is constantly evolving, with new features and functionalities emerging all the time.

This guide will provide you with the knowledge to navigate this exciting new frontier. We'll delve into the top considerations when choosing the right platform for your needs, and explore the best generative AI app builders in 2024.

By the end, you'll be well-positioned to leverage the power of AI and build your dream app, no matter your technical background.

Top considerations when choosing a generative AI app builder

Before you start using generative AI app builders, make sure to think about your specific needs and project goals. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when making your decision:

- Target audience:

Who are you building this app for? Are you a complete beginner with no coding experience, or do you possess some technical knowledge? Different platforms cater to varying skill levels. Some offer intuitive interfaces perfect for non-coders, while others might require some programming expertise for advanced customization.

- App complexity:

What kind of app are you envisioning? Are you looking for a simple app with just one function? Or do you need a more complex design with multiple features and data integration requirements? The chosen platform should be able to accommodate your desired level of complexity.

- Budget:

Generative AI app builders come with various pricing models. Some offer freemium plans for basic features, while others operate on a subscription or pay-per-feature basis. Define your budget upfront and choose a platform that aligns with your financial constraints.

- Scalability:  

Think about the future! Will your app require scalability as your user base grows? The chosen platform should be able to adapt and support your app's growth without compromising performance.

- Integrations:

Does your app need to connect with other tools or services (e.g., payment gateways, social media platforms)? Ensure the platform offers seamless integration capabilities to connect your app seamlessly with the broader ecosystem you need.

When selecting the ideal generative AI app builder for your project, take into account your project vision, technical abilities, and budget. This will help you narrow down your options. This will set the stage for a smooth and successful app development journey.

Top 9 generative AI app builders in 2024

The market boasts a diverse range of generative AI app builders, each catering to specific needs and skill levels.

Let's delve into the top 9 contenders in 2024, exploring their strengths and functionalities to help you find the perfect match for your project.

1- Appy Pie: User-friendly solution for beginners in generative AI app building

Appy Pie is easy to use, making it a great option for beginners who want to create generative AI apps." You can design your app visually using their easy drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates. You don't need to write any code, so you can focus on functionality and aesthetics. Focus on functionality and aesthetics without the need to write any code.

Appy Pie is great for creating simple to moderately complex apps with generative AI. This includes business directories that have AI search capabilities. It also includes customer loyalty programs with AI recommendations. Additionally, it includes e-commerce platforms that offer AI-driven product suggestions.

Appy Pie caters well to individual users and small businesses looking for a cost-effective solution in the generative AI app builder space. Their freemium plan allows you to experiment with the platform and build basic AI-powered apps for free. Upgraded plans offer additional features and functionalities to suit your growing needs.

2- Mobincube: Affordable solution for cross-platform apps with generative AI

Mobincube is a popular competitor in the generative AI app builder market. Budget-conscious users especially favor it. It is also popular among those creating straightforward to moderately complex apps.

Mobincube, like Appy Pie, has a user-friendly interface and many templates to assist you in creating your app. The interface of Mobincube is easy to use. There are various templates available in Mobincube to help you start designing your app. One of Mobincube's strengths is its affordability and ability to work on both Android and iOS devices.

Mobincube uses generative AI to make tasks in your app easier. This includes customizing content suggestions and adding AI-driven chatbots for customer support.

Mobincube may require more technical knowledge for advanced customization compared to Appy Pie. Many users find this option great because it is affordable, works on different platforms, and uses generative AI.

3- Google AppSheet: Advanced generative AI

Google AppSheet takes the generative AI app builder game to the next level. Technical users and those who want to create advanced apps with data find it easy to use.

This platform shines for developers and businesses requiring sophisticated functionalities powered by advanced generative AI.

Here's what sets Google AppSheet apart:

  • AppSheet works closely with Google Workspace. This integration makes it simple for you to utilize Sheets and Forms. You can easily incorporate your existing data and workflows into your app.
  • Advanced generative AI features: Move beyond basic functionalities. AppSheet can do hard tasks like looking at data, making things work automatically, and creating smart chatbots with AI.
  • Customization: For users with coding experience, AppSheet offers extensive customization options. You can customize the app to fit your needs and connect it with other tools and services. This feature lets you make the app unique to you. You can also integrate it with external tools and services.

Google AppSheet has more features, but it is harder to learn than Appy Pie or Mobincube.

However, for those seeking to build complex, data-driven apps and leverage the full potential of generative AI, Google AppSheet is a great solution.

4- Zoho Creator: Building business intelligence with generative AI

Zoho Creator is a tool that helps businesses build AI applications for data analysis. It is similar to Google AppSheet. Businesses can use Zoho Creator to create data-driven applications for business intelligence and analytics.

Its strength lies in building apps that leverage data visualization and reporting functionalities. Picture making dashboards that show live sales data or creating interactive reports with AI for more insights.

Zoho Creator can easily work with other Zoho products. This makes it a valuable tool for businesses that already use the Zoho ecosystem.

While user-friendly, it might require some technical familiarity compared to Appy Pie and Mobincube. But for those building data-centric apps with the power of generative AI, Zoho Creator offers a compelling solution.

5- Mendix: Bridging the gap with cognitive AI app development

This platform caters to experienced users and developers, offering a robust environment for building feature-rich applications. Mendix is good at handling complicated data and workflows, so it's a good option for big companies with complex business processes.

Mendix has a visual development environment. It's recommended to have some programming knowledge for advanced customization. This will help you fully utilize generative AI in your app.

Imagine creating smart recommendation systems for business sales apps or making clever automation tools to make internal processes more efficient.

If you have technical skills, Mendix is a great option for creating advanced business applications with AI. It provides a robust platform for this purpose. Consider using Mendix if you need a platform for developing advanced business applications with AI.

6- Pico: Generative AI app building for everyone

Pico is made for people who are not good with technology. This includes small business owners. They can use generative AI to make apps.

The user interface uses natural language input. Users can describe what they want. Pico will generate the code for them. Imagine saying "I want a customer loyalty program with points redemption" and Pico building the core functionalities for you.

While this approach streamlines app creation for beginners, it might limit the level of customization compared to other platforms. Pico makes it easy for anyone to create simple AI apps that use natural language.

7- Softr: Striking the balance between customization and generative AI

Softr positions itself as a generative AI app builder that bridges the gap between user-friendliness and extensive customization. It caters to a wider audience, from beginners to those with some technical experience.

Softr helps you create attractive web apps that use data easily. It has a drag-and-drop interface and pre-built components. This makes designing web apps simple and efficient.

However, where Softr shines is its ability to provide in-depth customization options.  This allows users to tailor the app's functionality and user experience to their specific needs.

Softr has AI-powered data filtering and sorting features. Users can customize how information is displayed in their app using these features. Imagine an app for real estate listings that uses AI to give users personalized property suggestions based on their search preferences.

Softr offers a perfect balance of user-friendly features, customization options, and the advantages of generative AI. This makes it a versatile choice for a wide variety of users.

8- Bubble: Complex web applications with generative AI

Bubble is a popular choice for experienced users and developers in the generative AI app builder space. It is known for being a powerful platform.

This platform provides a visual development environment. It allows for detailed customization and complex logic building. It goes beyond the typical drag-and-drop approach.

Bubble caters to building sophisticated web applications with extensive functionalities and data integration capabilities. In the realm of generative AI, Bubble truly unlocks its potential.

Developers can use Bubble's platform to add advanced AI features. These features include creating chatbots that can understand natural language and making smart workflows using machine learning.

Imagine creating a social media platform where users interact with AI virtual assistants. This platform could also offer personalized investment advice through an AI-powered financial planning app.

Bubble is a platform that caters to those with technical expertise and a creative vision. It provides a playground for building intricate web applications that harness the power of generative AI to its fullest potential.

9- Formaloo: Unveiling customer insights with generative AI

Formaloo has advanced AI technology in its main features. This makes it a great option for businesses. Businesses can use Formaloo to learn more about their customers and improve their surveys.

Its AI-powered surveys go beyond simple data collection. Formaloo's generative AI significantly boosts survey response rates by 300% and optimizes over 90% of the results automatically. This guarantees that you receive the most reliable and unbiased data available.  

Furthermore, Formaloo leverages generative AI for insightful data analysis. Forget manual report generation – Formaloo automatically provides comprehensive reports, empowering you to understand customer behavior and make data-driven decisions.  

Formaloo is an AI-powered tool that offers more than just surveys. Formaloo allows businesses to embed an AI agent on their website to analyze user interactions and gain insights into customer behavior.

Formaloo is a useful tool for businesses looking to utilize AI to better understanding customer data and enhancing their growth strategy.

The generative AI app builder revolution

The landscape of app development is undergoing a seismic shift. Generative AI app builders are making it easier for people and businesses to create their own apps. This technology is accessible to individuals and companies of all sizes. It helps turn app ideas into reality.  

We have examined the top choices for 2024. Each option has unique strengths and is suitable for varying levels of experience and project needs.

The future of generative AI app builders is brimming with possibilities. Expect better natural language processing to make app development easier. Enjoy seamless integration with advanced AI models for innovative capabilities. Create intelligent and interactive applications.

The time to embrace the generative AI app builder revolution is now. Don't be left behind! Before you start developing your app, it's important to have a clear vision in mind.

Before you begin creating your app, make sure you have a clear vision. Consider your technical skills and use this guide to select the best platform for your creative ideas.

Are you prepared to leverage the potential of generative AI to improve your business? Sign up for free with Formaloo today and experience the future of data collection and customer insights!

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9 Best generative AI app builders 2024