Email verification and its top 10 benefits

In today’s digital landscape, security is paramount. For Formaloo users, protecting valuable data is extra important. Adding another layer of security is crucial to the platform. This is where Email Verification (OTP) comes in – a simple yet powerful tool to safeguard your forms.


What is email verification (OTP)?

Email verification is a process used to determine the validity of an email address. To verify an address, you send an email and wait for the recipient to confirm their identity. You can do this by clicking a link or entering a code.

This helps to ensure that the email address is active and belongs to a real person, rather than being a fake or inactive account.

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Businesses and organizations often use OTP to stop fraud like spam and phishing. It helps make sure their messages go to the right people.

Companies can improve message delivery and keep contact lists accurate by checking email addresses for validity.

Email verification confirms a real person with a valid email will receive and interact with the sent email.


This OTP login form template is designed for your app or website’s login page. It ensures that only your registered users can access the subsequent form, app, or website. Customize the template by adding your email address to the approved list, and then try it out!

Why should you use email verification?

Email verification (OTP) secures forms, while an email verifier checks the health of email lists.

It can identify invalid, inactive, or disposable email addresses, ensuring your communication reaches the intended recipients. Here’s why considering an email verification service can be beneficial:

Improved deliverability rates: By removing bounces and invalid addresses, you increase the chances of your emails reaching active inboxes.

Boosted campaign performance: With accurate email lists, you can expect better engagement metrics for your email marketing efforts.

Enhanced data quality: Email verifiers keep email lists clean and current, important for analyzing and organizing data effectively.

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Top 10 benefits of email verification

1-Reduced risk of fraudulent activity

Adding Email Verification (OTP) makes it harder for unauthorized users to access your forms and the data they collect.

2-Improved account control

You regain control over who accesses your account. Even if someone compromises your login credentials, the hacker cannot access the account without the OTP.

3-Stronger user confidence

You can build trust with users by using Email Verification for security. This will make users feel safer when submitting sensitive information on your forms.

4-Enhanced email deliverability (if using an email verifier)

As mentioned earlier, email verifiers remove bounces and improve the likelihood of your emails reaching active users.

5-Boosted campaign performance (if using an email verifier)

With targeted email lists, you can expect better engagement and click-through rates for your marketing campaigns.

6-Cost savings (if using an email verifier)

Email verifiers help eliminate wasted resources by sending emails to non-existent or inactive addresses.

7-Improved data quality (if using an email verifier)

Maintaining clean email lists with an email verifier ensures accurate data for analyzing and segmentation.

8-Streamlined workflows

Verifying emails upfront saves time and effort compared to managing bounces and unsubscribes later.

9-Brand reputation protection

Bouncing emails can negatively impact your sender’s reputation. Email verification helps maintain a positive image.

10-Compliance with regulations

Certain industries have regulations regarding email marketing. Email verification helps ensure compliance.

Email verification services VS email verifiers

An “email verification service” tool helps check and confirm email addresses to ensure they are valid. This service may include tools for verifying email addresses, detecting invalid or disposable addresses, checking for spam traps, and ensuring email deliverability.

An “email verifier” is a tool that checks individual email addresses. An email verification service confirms if an email address is valid by checking its format, domain, and existence.

It has more features than an email verifier. Email verification service does more things, while an email verifier checks individual email addresses.

Is email verification needed?

Many people use fake email addresses to avoid unwanted messages. That’s where email verification comes in. A tool that adds security to your Formaloo forms and makes them more powerful and protected.

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Here’s why it’s amazing:

  • Stops fake submittes: Say goodbye to bogus email addresses and ensure you’re reaching real people.
  • Boosts email delivery: Clean lists mean your emails land in actual inboxes, not the spam abyss.
  • Builds user trust: Show your commitment to data security and gain user confidence.

Email verification is essential for safety and accuracy in marketing. No longer optional, but necessary to protect your data and ensure successful campaigns.

The impact of email validation on your team

Here is how email Verification benefits your entire team by:

  1. Decreasing bounce rates: Reduced login issues stemming from unauthorized access attempts translate to fewer bounced emails, ensuring smoother communication.
  2. Enhancing collaboration: Secure team accounts encourage a more collaborative work environment.
  3. Building user trust: Demonstrating a commitment to security fosters trust among users, strengthening your team’s reputation.

Email verification for identity confirmation and fraud prevention

Email Verification is a security measure that adds an extra layer of protection to user accounts. Users must confirm their email address with a link or code to access their account. This ensures only the account owner can log in.

The OTP stops tricking forms and stealing information, which keeps scams away.

Without a confirmed email, it is easier for bad people to create fake accounts. They can also cheat on online forms and steal personal information or commit fraud.

Making users confirm their email can lower the risk of attacks on websites and online platforms.

Adding extra security, like a password, gives peace of mind to users and businesses. It helps protect against potential threats.

Using email verification within Formaloo forms

Formaloo provides a built-in “OTP” tool that you can leverage to confirm user identities during form submissions. Here’s how it works:

  • Verification process: Add this field to your form and mark it as “Required.” Users will need to input and confirm their email address. Upon form submission, the system sends a unique email verification code (OTP) to that email.
  • Access granted: Only after entering the correct OTP can users successfully verify email addresses and submit the form.

This extra step deters unauthorized submissions and ensures the email address is valid.


  • Keep your registered email address up-to-date to ensure OTP delivery.
  • Avoid sharing your OTP with anyone, including individuals who claim to be from Formaloo support.

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Don’t wait any longer to elevate your data security and user interactions.

Implement email confirmation in your Formaloo forms now and gain a fresh level of trust and productivity!

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Email verification and its top 10 benefits