Gathering insights through customer feedback forms

Feedback forms help you see your business through your customers' eyes, showing what you're doing well and where you can improve.


A staggering 91% of unhappy customers will leave without voicing their concerns. Additionally, 33% of Americans looked to switch brands after encountering poor customer service.

This statistic highlights the importance of catering to your customers and identifying their needs. Customer feedback forms are important to understanding your company’s strengths and weaknesses through the lens of customers.

Companies may use customer feedback forms to gather data on customer experiences. Use this template to easily create and customize your own customer survey.

These forms can help you view the strengths and weaknesses of your company, identifying areas for improvement. This leads management to create better-informed decisions on what they should focus on based on customer needs.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about utilizing customer feedback surveys!

What is customer feedback?

The people who know what your company needs most are your customers. Customers experience your product and know what it’s like to engage with your brand. Companies value feedback from consumers and are willing to pay for their firsthand experiences. Feedback surveys are the primary method companies compile this data, here are some of the reasons why you should start creating your own forms:

Measuring customer satisfaction:

Customer feedback surveys allow you to gauge the satisfaction among customers for your product. This is useful for realizing the current health of your company and estimating future performance based on loyal customers.

Identifying areas for improvement:

Feedback surveys are a great way to discover areas for improvement within your organization. Aspects such as customer service, product features, and user experience are all integral to a customer’s experience. Customers can also make suggestions on features, helping you discover new growth opportunities. This can open new markets and offer a fresh perspective on how your company can grow.

Asking for feedback helps improve your brand and keeps customers coming back for more, building strong customer relationships. Feedback surveys show customers you value their opinions, leading to more loyalty and engagement with the brand. Additionally, the company can use positive feedback to generate testimonials for marketing purposes on the company website or social media.

Company adaptation and benchmarking:

Consumer preferences are constantly changing, but feedback forms can help you adapt accordingly. Listening to feedback can help your company stay ahead of competitors by making changes before they impact profits. Benchmarking is a useful tool for tracking the effectiveness of your changes. It also helps you understand how feedback surveys impact your growth.

Why use a customer feedback form?

Online feedback forms allow customers to respond no matter where they are in the world! These surveys are the primary ways companies gather data and create meaningful insights that are specific to their business.

Tailoring your survey questions to gain actionable insights is a crucial part of effective decision-making. Here are some of the most common question fields that you can implement into your customer feedback forms.

Single-choice fields serve as a great tool for asking both demographic and specific questions related to your product. For instance, if your company sells a lot of products, you could ask “Which products have you bought recently?”

Single-choice fields for Customer feedback survey

Open-ended questions allow customers to share feedback in their own words. This gives them the freedom to express their thoughts and opinions freely. These responses are often detailed and highlight specific areas of improvement, crucial for company growth.

A common question on a customer survey is, “Do you have any other feedback that could help us?” This question gathers additional information or suggestions from the customer. It allows the customer to share any thoughts or ideas they may have that could benefit the company.

The purpose of this question is to encourage open communication and gather valuable insights from the customer’s perspective.

Customer feedback survey questions

Rating scales provide customers with a quick and easy way to provide feedback. The rating scale helps gather feedback that stakeholders can see in graphs, charts, or tables for easy understanding.

Use these questions to talk about any worries you have about your company, like quality, customer service, and convenience. An example of a rating scale question for a feedback form could be “How would you rate the overall quality of your smartphones?”.

Rating scale field

How to create your own customer feedback form

Using Formaloo, you are only a few clicks away from creating a stunning customer feedback survey. Select a template, then change the fields, title, and descriptions to fit your institution’s requirements and preferences.

Formaloo survey template gallery

Choose a customer feedback form template. Pick from different fields like Long Text, Email, Single Choice, and Rating Scales. These fields were mentioned before.

Customer feedback form template

Interested in establishing your brand identity to customers? Whether it’s background, button, field, or text colors, you can easily mix and match the survey to your brand colors. You can also choose between classic form or one question at a time to dictate how customers respond to your form!

Customize the design of your formaloo

Once you’ve finished editing your survey, click the view button and copy the link at the top.

Publish your formaloo

To share your form and collect information, just copy and paste your survey link. You can share it through Email, on your Company Website, on Flyers, and in other places.

Keeping up with customer responses is crucial for addressing serious issues before it becomes too late. Notifications help companies stay informed about customer opinions by providing the latest information on customer sentiment.

Add email notifications to your customer feedback survey

Whenever you create a survey, Formaloo will automatically make a corresponding app that keeps track of all the data! The table of results keeps every response in one place, allowing you to compare answers to each question.

Table of results

The charts and insights section allows you to visualize your data through colorful diagrams! Whether it’s pie charts, bar graphs, or line graphs, you can display your data however you want using Formaloo.


The power of feedback forms

Customer feedback is the magic key to unlocking the treasure chest of success for your business. By implementing customer feedback forms, you’re not just collecting data, you’re gaining invaluable insights straight from the source – your customers!

This guide has equipped you with the knowledge and tools to leverage customer feedback effectively.

Remember, prioritizing customer satisfaction is an ongoing journey. By regularly soliciting feedback, analyzing the data, and implementing changes based on those insights, you’ll foster customer loyalty and position your company for long-term success.

Take action today and design your own customer feedback form.

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Gathering insights through customer feedback forms