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Case study: Analyze a TEDx event with 21,000+ members community & 100+ data sources

We’re supposed to love all of our customers equally, like our children, but let’s be honest, we do have favorites. For Formaloo, our favorite customers are the ones who are growing fast, especially with the help of their own data.

A few months ago, one of our clients brought us a challenge. They are the biggest TEDx event in the MENA region. They wanted to analyze every piece of data they had from their 21,000+member audience in over 8 years!

It was not an easy task, but it was an exciting case study. They used 51 software in the last 8 years to work with their customer data and they are active in every major social media, forum & even other events. This meant to fully analyze their audience’s data, we had to unify, consolidate and analyze more than 1 Million pieces of information from more than 100 data sources. The results were amazing!

As a major TEDx event, the most important result was the engagement of the community with the brand, the events, and even with networking activities. We wanted to see how every audience member “felt” about TEDxTehran to analyze this TEDx event and forecast what they need to be more engaged in future events and activities.

How do you analyze a TED Talk? We analyze the organization, the brand, the team, each event of the last 8 years individually & even feedback on every social media channel. The results are this 100-page data study that you can download here.

We asked permission from the owner of this study to share it completely & publicly. TEDxTehran’s mission, same as TED, is to share ideas worth spreading, and these data studies can help many event organizers to design and optimize their events for the future with the help of real feedback & real data. This study, in one sentence, is the essence of what they learned each year for the past 8 years.

Here is a personal message from the TEDxTehran organization:

Why are we sharing this case study?

We only grow when we share what we learned.

Collaboration is the heart of every community. Developing communities can be a fuzzy business. Together with our partner, Formaloo, we made it a science. 

For the first time, we analyzed every piece of data that we had in our 8 years of existence about our 21,000+ member community. From more than 100 data sources with the help of Formaloo’s Customer Data Platform, to not only understand our path of progress but to help every event organizer with insights born out of data.

The most valuable asset of every event is its community. Over the years, the number of our community grew and they became more engaged. Although we missed a lot of opportunities to keep them more active and grew to the full potential expected of a community of this size.

We hope this study proves to be useful to you so you can seize the best opportunities to grow.

Here are a few noteworthy examples of the end results:

TEDx Data Report
case study

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