present form responses in live mode

How can I present my form responses in live mode

The presentation mode of the forms gives you the power to present your form responses to the public. With this feature, you can showcase your form’s responses and the charts and diagrams.

It’s the perfect solution for incentivizing your audience to fill out the form by viewing other responses.

To enable the presentation mode, click on your form and move to the “Presentation” tab. From there, you can enable the presentation mode and manage what data to show on it.

The link to your presentation is public, and anyone with the link can view it. In addition, you can share or embed the presentation with your audience on your website.

To embed a presentation page into your website, replace your presentation URL with the orange text inside the following code. You can paste this code into your website.

<iframe onload="javascript:parent.scrollTo(0,0);" height="850" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" style="width:100%;border:none" id="formalooIframe" src="YOUR PRESENTATION URL"></iframe>

This page is live. Meaning it will update itself without refreshing the page! So your audience can see the charts and responses update as new responses come in.

Do you want to restrict access to your presentation page? You can create a passcode-protected form, then redirect it to the link of your presentation page using the settings tab of your password-protected form.

By the way, we’re adding a new feature using which you can build more than this! You can connect forms, reports, and links and build an app with them! Stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter, and check our blog posts! 🤩

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