How to create an online order form with online payment?

Looking for a way to receive and keep track of orders online? No matter what type of business you run, Formaloo makes it easy for you to accept payments through your website. Here’s the easiest way to build an online order form with online payment. Read on to learn how, or you can watch the following short video to learn everything in under 3 minutes!

Create your online form with online payment

Log in to your Formaloo Dashboard. You can either choose from the ready-to-use templates or start from scratch by clicking on the “New Blank Form” in your dashboard.

Create your product in your form

In the left box, you can choose which fields you want to add to your form. Choose the “Product” field and customize it as you wish. Select your product’s name, price and photo.

By saving your form and clicking on the “View” button, you can see your online form. Voila! Your form is ready to use and your customers can now order your product(s) and pay online for them.

Customize the appearance of your online form

To customize the appearance of your form, go back to your form editor. Using the design tab, you can customize your form. Choose between a single-step or a multi-step form. Add your branding colors, background picture, and more.

Manage your online orders

To manage your online orders, go back to the dashboard. By clicking on your form and moving to the “responses” tab, you’ll see the table of all responses to your order form.

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