Verify your audience via email

How to verify your audience via email in Formaloo

You can verify your audience via email. You can use the “Email verification” field to make sure your audience is verified.

Also, if you make this field “Required” you can restrict form submission to verifying the email address before submitting.

You can build a form and ask your audience to confirm your terms and conditions by adding a “Multi-choice” field and adding one option to it. This way, by selecting the confirm checkbox, your audience will announce that they accept your terms.

You can also use the “Section” field to put a link to the webpage including your terms and conditions or your privacy settings.

Then all you should do is redirect your audience to the main form you want your audience to fill out. You can also send your terms data into the second form to make sure the audience who has filled the form has already accepted your terms and conditions and also has verified their email address.

So get to your Formaloo dashboard and test it out! Got questions? Drop us a message in the website’s chatbox.

For more tutorials check our Youtube channel.

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