How to set up marketing automation with Formaloo

With Formaloo Workflow Automation, you can create marketing forms that automatically connect lead generation with...


With Formaloo Workflow Automation, you can create marketing forms that automatically connect lead generation with your own lead management. This means you can convert leads, capture data, and personalize client journeys in real-time in few clicks without writing any code!

Now that’s a great deal! How can I add this to my forms?

Normal forms provide an accessible, user-friendly way to get info from potential clients. They’re useful, but if their responses remain stuck in your form submission tool, your valuable data & leads are wasted!

Every form response is full of potential:

  • A lead that just needs the right, quick response to convert
  • A customer who needs help or support to become loyal or at least not chrun
  • The feedback you need to take your product or service to the next level

All of these great potential need engagement to become fruitful. If you connect forms to your other apps, you can turn these entries into business growth drivers. Use automation to get the data from your forms into the places where you connect and engage with customers.

Here is how you can engage with your leads & audience with simple automation:

Make follow-ups automatic & instant

Some of your biggest sales won’t say yes—at least not at first.

To covert those leads, you can use Automations—what we call our automated workflows—to instantly follow up, effortlessly update your team, or automatically set up a call.

Once you connect your apps to Formaloo, you can automate your form response process, so your audience gets a response to their forms as soon as they contact you.

An auto-reply is good, but let’s be honest, how much do you care if you get an auto-reply message? Your customers are the same. Customers appreciate an instant follow-up, but a personalized one earns their loyalty. Use automated workflows to connect your formaloo to communication tools so your team can follow up as soon as possible.

Why not do both to ensure the best experience for your customer? Creating an automated workflow doesn’t mean you have to choose between an automatic response and a personalized one. You can do both and simultaneously send an email to the person who filled out the form and send a personalized one by your own staff and team.

Add customers to your CRM without any data entry

No one likes entering data. Filling out your CRM is the most annoying part of everyone’s day, and if this isn’t done automatically, you’ll waste a lot of manpower over something that can be done instantly without any resources!

So to save both money and time for your team, you can use this workflow.

By setting up this automated workflow, you can eliminate that manual data entry and enter customers directly in your CRM of choice from your forms. You can even specify where your data goes based on the form and responses.

Remember, Formaloo supports more than 200 other CRMs as well! So look at these just as examples, you can add your own CRM and enjoy this workflow instantly.

Use user feedback to improve your products/services

Best businesses rely more on feedback than their own assumptions. Getting (right) feedback is an important part of building a successful business. Formaloo helps you create “impactful” feedback forms and also helps you truly embed these feedback forms in every aspect of your product via its widgets (NPS, CSAT, CES, and many more) and also via Formaloo AI-based chatbots & apps, which gives your product extra kick!

Forms are one of the best ways to get the kind of feedback that can fuel this growth. Simply embed a survey into your product for continuous feedback or send a survey to your customers, and in moments, you can get back essential information on what they like and don’t like about your product.

With this automated workflow, you can pipe that feedback right to where you need it. Automatically sending user feedback straight to your project management tool means you can quickly start working on the next iteration.

Analyze & consolidate your customers, leads & audience

One of the main headaches of many businesses is scattered data from their customers and this results in missing important opportunities left and right.

When you have multiple channels where you engage and interact with your customers and audience, you don’t have the full picture of your customers. There was no way to see on which channels you interacted with this specific lead or customer. All of this changes with Formaloo.

Formaloo Customer Data Platform (CDP) is one of the main aspects of Formaloo and helps you to identify your leads and customers and track the behaviors in different channels. It gives you the pattern of activities of each customer. This means you can what each of your customers wants before they even ask for it!

These workflows are designed so Formaloo can do all of these automatically in few seconds. Just set it up and enjoy:

Formaloo can integrate your forms into every service you love, enabling one form entry to cause a chain of automatic reactions. These automated workflows turn the average form into an engine for growth. So the next time a prospect or customer clicks that submit button, you’ll be ready to impress.

If you need more on creating workflow automation in your formaloos, you can watch this tutorial or check out this guide on how you can add it in under a minute.

If you have any questions, check out Formaloo’s support page to find ways you can contact us.

Visit our YouTube channel for more helpful tutorials and resources.

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How to set up marketing automation with Formaloo